It Was a Very Good Year - The Best of 2017

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This box is such a good deal it is unable to be combined with any other discount, promotional code or rewards voucher.   Orders using such discounts will be cancelled and refunded.

What you need to know:

  • There are only 20 boxes available
  • In this curation there are 9 full size products 
  • The collective RRPs of the products is over $172!
  • All products in the box are from leading brands
  • All of the products in the box are current lines and shades and readily available for repurchase in NZ stores
  • This is a non-fancy-pants release- there's no brochure but you will receive your products in a signature Best Beauty Box Ever box.

...For great skin, hair and nails.

Phew, we've done it.  We've sorted the warehouse ready for 2018 and we've got a whole heap of amazing products that have been supplied in excess of our box runs.

Not gonna lie - we were tempted to divvy them up among us, but we thought we could do something even better than that...something much more fun!

We've selected 9 products we're all relying on to survive summer.  9 products from the best brands to help you get the best hair, nails and skin together in one very limited release.


IMPORTANT: The products in this box have featured in 2017 boxes.  Please bear this in mind before ordering.


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    Limit of one box per person/household


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    Your amazing It Was a Very Good Year - The Best of 2017 box contains!

    1. A best-selling dry shampoo
    2. A rosehip moisturiser
    3. A supplement for either skin, stress or sleep.
    4. A moisturising lipstick
    5. An instant tan mousse
    6.  A pair of gel foot cushion.
    7. A mascara
    8. A caring nail polish
    9. A Antipodean eyeliner