Where do we source our products from?

Wondering where we source our products from for the Best Beauty Box Ever? Wondering if you love something in your box if you'll ever be able to buy it again?

There’s no parallel imported stock here, all our products come straight from local authenticated suppliers and businesses, and we only accept leading and quality brands most of which you would have certainly have heard of before.

By choosing to work solely with New Zealand distributors we can guarantee not only the quality of the products but also their authenticity and availability.

When we curate the Best Beauty Box Ever we ensure every product and colour going into the box is currently available for purchase. That's mandatory for any product we accept into our boxes. That way when you fall head over heels for a lipstick, nail polish or cleanser, you know you'll easily be able to repurchase it in the future.

By only working with local distributors we help continue the success of the New Zealand beauty industry, something we’re incredibly passionate about.

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