Top Tips for Reviewing your Beauty Box

So you’ve got your pretty hands on the Best Beauty Box Ever and you’re ready to review it, but you're not quite sure how? The idea of reviewing something can seem a little scary, but truly it's not, especially with these tips.

The Packaging

First of all, take a look at the packaging. Do you like it? Is it sturdy? Could you repurpose it? Were you a fan of how it looked and felt. Thing about how you felt when you first opened your Best Beauty Box Ever, how did everything look?  Was it well packed? Did you get excited about the contents as you saw your first glimpse of the goodies?

The Contents

Next think about the products inside the box. What was the assortment of products like? Were they brands you'd heard of before and been wanting to try? Was there anything that captured your imagination? Did you find a product there within that you'd been dying to try? Or maybe one that you fell in love with immediately? How pleased were you with the customised options that you'd been given.

The value & future recommendation

Did you think the box was great value for money? Would you buy another one? Or maybe you have already! Would you recommend it to a friend or buy a gift card for them?

Review basics

Now for some basics. Please don't type in capitals, it's hard to read. Avoid text speak as well, as it looks lazy and can be difficult to decipher. Please keep it clean as well. Beauty Review has a really diverse audience and as a general rule of thumb if you wouldn't want it to be your child's first word, we'd prefer you not to use it.

One last check

Before submitting your review, read it through and check for spelling mistakes and punctuations errors. Lastly please, please don't write a two line review, the more detail you go into, the more value your review will have to others who are thinking about buying The Best Beauty Box Ever, in other words, get your enabler on!

Don't forget

You can also review each of the products you receive in your Beauty Box. Each and every product you review earns you points that you can redeem in Beauty Review's quarterly Beauty Vault.

So what are you waiting for? Head to and get reviewing!