So, what exactly is a Beauty Box?

The temptation to simply say that beauty boxes, especially the Best Beauty Box Ever, are amazing things filled with goodness that everyone needs, is real. However, it’s probably not that helpful. So what is a beauty box?

As you might expect, a beauty box is how it sounds - a box containing beauty products. Usually it’s a mystery box  and you never really know what you’re going to get until you unbox it.

So why do you need a beauty box, especially the Best Beauty Box Ever? It’s not only a fantastic way to discover new products and brands, but you do so at a massively reduced price. In fact all of our boxes sell for around a third of the retail price of the items inside.

So what makes the Best Beauty Box Ever different from other beauty boxes?

First of all, each month will have a theme, and you can check them out HERE, so while you won’t know what you’re getting, you’ll have an idea if it will suit you or not. For example, if you’re a fan of New Zealand products the NZ Brands Beauty Box is sure to be a favourite. Love doing your nails or want to give it a try? The We Love Nails Beauty Box is for you!

We also have a focus on full size products - yes you may find the odd sample or travel size product but in general each box will contain a minimum of 10 full size products! So what's not to like?

The Best Beauty Box Ever also differs from others in that you’re not locked into a long term or rolling subscription. You can choose to only buy the boxes you like the look of. You can also pre-order boxes to ensure you don’t miss out - in fact we recommend it.

Perhaps what’s most exciting is that when you purchase the Best Beauty Box Ever you can be sure you’re not getting end of lines, discontinued products, or random colours that suit 1% of the population. We’ve excellent relationships with some of the industries biggest and best beauty brands and we’re working together to ensure all products in the Best Beauty Box Ever are current, some even new to market, and the colours are on trend. That way when you fall in love with a product you know you’ll be able to easily purchase it again.

We firmly believe our beauty box is the best ever. But don't take our word for it, check out these reviews on our 2015 Beauty box and judge for yourself!