Pre Ordering Boxes

Our Beauty Boxes are produced in limited quantities (which keeps the quality high) and therefore they have a tendency to fly off of the shelves!  If you especially keen to secure a particular box, we recommend that you don't dilly dally, and opt to 'pre order' it.  

When you go to shop our beauty boxes, you will see every box is listed as 'Available now', 'Coming Soon' or 'Pre order'.  

What does pre order mean?
Pre order means that your box is not ready for shipping just yet but that you can order and pay for it now. 
As soon as the release date arrives your box will be one of the first to be dispatched. 

Why should I pre order my box?
People pre order boxes for different reasons.  Some like to allocate the money and know it's taken care of ahead of time.  Some pre order boxes that coincide with a loved one's birthday.  Others simply want to be first in line to unbox the latest curation!  

If I don't pre order a box, will I miss out?
Maybe.  For example, our Top Rated box sold out within hours of it's pre order release.  We were able to liaise quickly with our brands to secure a second run, which again sold out.  But there are no guarantees we can bring back a release, so if you know you want it - take advantage of the pre order option.

When are pre order boxes dispatched? 
The date of dispatch is clearly listed in the product description - if there are any delays we'll let you know, but this is extremely rare.  (In fact -  it's not happened yet!)

Can I pre order my box and pay for it when it's officially on sale? 
No we can't put boxes on hold - we can only reserve box if it's paid for.

What if I change my mind between pre-ordering my box and it being delivered? Can I cancel the order?
No, due to the short-term availability of each box and the demand - once you've secured and paid for your box we are unable to issue a refund. 

Can I put a pre-order on layby?