Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to know whats in my box when I order it or are they mystery boxes?

Well you can choose to either order your box and have it arrive as a surprise, or, if you want to be sure you'll like your box, then just click on the "don't want a surprise" box at the bottom of each product page, then the box and the contents will be revealed.

If you are someone that wants a surprise, we warn you that you will need to discipline yourself to stay away from social media until your box arrives. Our boxes are very newsworthy and get a lot of chatter and unboxing on social!

Where do you get your products from? Am I able to repurchase them in NZ if I like them?

All of the products in our boxes are brands you'll know, sourced from authenticated NZ distributors. They are all current colours and products available on the market at the time of the release of each box. All products in our boxes can be easily repurchased locally. We do not include any obsolete stock or discontinued lines in our boxes and we do not source from parallel importers. 

Do I have to sign up to a contract to purchase one of the boxes like the other subscription services?

No! There is no ongoing obligation to purchase any more boxes other than the ones you want. That said, securing one beauty box does not give you automatic procurement of another, you need to purchase each themed box as you want them. Just remember, numbers are strictly limited for each box, and themes can sell out in minutes - yes, minutes!

Can I customise my box?

Some boxes can be customised to ensure the products inside suit your hair type or skin tone for example.  

If a box can be customised you'll see a drop down option just above the 'Add to Cart' button.  If there is no option to choose then the box is one that cannot be customised.

We will try very hard to give you your preferred choice, however due to high demand and limited inventory, this may not always be possible.

Boxes are unable to be returned due to your preferred choice not being available and another variety will be provided. 

How many boxes are available for each theme?

That depends on the theme. Quantities are limited and there are generally around 1000 of each theme available. Once they are sold out you will see a sold out sign on that particular theme.

Can I buy more than one box per theme?

Quantities of each box theme are limited to two boxes per individual purchaser.  You may also gift a box - they've been designed so you can do exactly that. Click this link HERE to learn how to gift a box or buy a gift card. 

How do I pay for my box?

We accept payment by Visa or Mastercard.

Are my payment details secure?

Yes, we use Payment Express who have a dedicated and purpose built development and data centre specifically designed for payments processing.  

What if I don't like the products in the box when I get it, they don't suit me or I have a reaction to them. Can I send them back?

The short answer is no you cannot return individual products. You can always gift products that you don't like or that are not suitable for you.

What if I change my mind after I've bought one, can I cancel my order?

No, due to the short-term availability of each box and to ensure the correct amount of product is ordered, once you've secured and paid for your box we are unable to issue a refund. 

What does it mean when boxes have pre-order on them?

Each month we release a box with a dedicated theme (sometimes there might be two boxes), and we show you up to 6 months in advance what each month's box will be. You can check out our first 6 months themes HERE. When a box has "pre-order" marked on it this means that inventory is not yet available and it will be shipped out on a future date. Each pre order box has the indicated delivery date on it*.  If you wish to pre-order a box then you need to pay for it when you order and you understand you will not receive it until the stated time. It does however secure your box for you so you are guaranteed to receive one. You can learn more about what pre ordering boxes is HERE.

*We try to stick to this date, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the date may move.  We will always keep you updated on your pre-orders should any delays occur.

How long does my box take to ship?

Each box description and ordering page has the designated week that a particular themed box will be dispatched. When your box has been dispatched you will receive an email notifying you, and when your box has been delivered you will be notified again. Generally boxes should take between 1-4 working days once dispatched to be delivered. For more specific information on shipping please check out our shipping FAQ's HERE.

What do I do if some of the products in my box are damaged or have leaked?

Please contact us immediately at and we'll sort it out for you. If any of the products in your box are damaged, we may refund up to $7.50 per product under our damages policy depending on what has happened. For more information on this and how to submit a claim click HERE.

Do you deliver to rural addresses?

Yes absolutely!

Do you deliver to PO boxes and Private Bags?

No, delivery is only able to be made to a physical street address. If you input a PO Box or Private Bag as your delivery address your box will not be sent until we have been able to verify a physical address for you.

Do you deliver internationally outside of New Zealand?

Currently, we are only able to ship boxes within New Zealand.

What happens if I change my address once i've ordered my box?

If your box has not yet been dispatched and your address changes or you want to send it somewhere else. Please contact the beauty crew at If your box has already been dispatched, you can contact the shipping company to have it redirected - click HERE  to learn how.  If your box is returned to us you will be required to pay a delivery fee in order to have it redelivered.