Damages, Refunds and Returns Policy & Procedure

Due to the nature of the Best Beauty Box Ever (BBBE)  we have clear guidelines about returns. Please read this policy carefully before deciding to purchase from our store.

  1. Each Best Beauty Box Ever is mystery box of beauty products, that is you will not know exactly what each box consists of until you receipt delivery. 
  2. Due to limited stock and hygiene reasons no exchanges are able to be made.
  3. In the unlikely events of damaged or missing products a partial refund may be offered the details and process of which is outlined below.
  4. A full refund will only be offered if your BBBE is deemed lost in the post, or the shipping date on a pre-ordered box is delayed by 7 days or more. We are unable to refund for change of mind.
  5. Please read on below for full details of our Refund Policy and Damages/Claims Procedure. 
  6. By purchasing a BBBE you agree to this policy.

BBBE Damages & Returns FAQ 

I received a product that I don’t like. Can I send it back and get a refund?
By purchasing the BBBE you understand that you are buying a mystery box of beauty products, so we are unable to refund either full boxes or individual products because you do not like them, they do not suit you or you may have had a reaction to them. You can however feel free to gift them on to friends or family.

I've ordered and paid for a Best Beauty Box Ever and have changed my mind. Can I cancel my order and be refunded?
No. All sales and Pre-Orders are considered final. The only exception to this is if the stated dispatch date is delayed by more than 7 days.

We will notify you if a box you have ordered is expected to be dispatched later than stated and offer you the choice of a refund if it is delayed by more than 1 week.

One of the products is broken or has leaked. Can I get a fresh one sent to me? Can I be refunded?
Our dispatch team take great care in packing each BBBE securely - but if in the unlikely event a product arrives damaged, broken or having leaked we are unable to offer replacements or exchanges; due to limited stock.

We can offer a refund of up to $7.50 per product providing the claims process is followed correctly. (See below for how to make a claim.) If the RRP of the damaged product is less than $7.50 we will refund the RRP.

One of the products came in a damaged box. Can I return that for a replacement or refund?
As above replacements are unavailable. We take immense pride in packing our boxes carefully, however we can’t always guarantee what happens to products whilst in transit. While damaged packaging isn’t the prettiest as long as the product inside the packaging is undamaged we will be unable to offer refunds.

However, if you feel the damage affects the use of the product, say a leaked product has blurred the label of an unboxed product so it’s unreadable, you may follow the claims process below. It will be assessed by our claims division and if it is agreed the damage is unacceptable a refund of $2.50 will be issued.

I didn't get my first choice of shade, or product. Can I get a refund?
We endeavour to meet everyone's first choices of shades or product type, but due to limited stock quantities this may not be possible.

We do not offer refunds if a product isn't suited to you.

I've experienced an adverse reaction to one of the products. Can I get a refund?
Beauty Review is not responsible for any adverse reactions to products in the BBBE. No refunds will be given in the instance of an adverse reaction.

As with all new products you put on your skin or hair we recommend a test patch. Should you experience an unwanted reaction we recommend you discontinue use immediately. If you'd like to provide feedback on a reaction please email beautycrew@bestbeautyboxever.co.nz and we'll pass your feedback on to our supplier.

One of the products detailed on the information card isn't included in my box. Can I get a refund?
All boxes are weighed as part of the dispatch process, so it is very unlikely that a box will arrive missing a product.

Please ensure you've read the information card properly, as some products will be supplied as an 'either/or' inclusion. For example you may receive either a day cream or a night cream.

If you are sure you are missing a product please follow the claims process detailed below.

My BBBE never arrived. Can I have a refund?
As soon as your box is dispatched, you will be advised and issued a tracking number. Using your tracking number,  you will be able to track every step of your box's journey with Courier Post. When your box has been delivered to your specified address then you will receive an email notifying you of this.

If you receive an email specifying your box is delivered and it has not been please contact Courier Post with your tracking number at www.courierpost.co.nz or 0800268743.

If the courier can demonstrate that your box has been delivered to your specified address, no further action from us will be taken and no refund will be issued.

If it is deemed your box has been 'lost in the post' a full refund will be issued.

I've moved and my BBBE went to my previous address. Will you arrange for it to be redirected?
If your delivery address changes between ordering your box and it being dispatched,  please email beautycrew@bestbeautyboxever.co.nz so we can update your address in the order system.

If your address changes after dispatch then please contact Courier Post with your tracking number at www.courierpost.co.nz or 0800268743. 

We are unable to refund boxes that aren't returned to us, or that have been delivered and are unable to be retrieved from an address that you no longer reside at.

If your box is returned to us as the address in the system is incorrect, a reshipment charge will be required to be paid for the 2nd shipment of the box.

Best Beauty Box Ever Claims Procedure for Damages/Missing Items

If you discover a product in your Best Beauty Box Ever is damaged or has leaked you have two days from delivery of your Best Beauty Box Ever to make a claim. Any later than that and your claim will be void.

"Delivery Time" is determined by the  time and date as detailed by the courier on their Track and Trace system.

To make a claim:

1. Take clear photographic evidence of the damage.
2. Email your photo/s, order number and full details of the problem to beautycrew@bestbeautyboxever.co.nz
3. The Beauty Crew will endevour to reply within 2 working days.
4. Your claim will be assessed and you will be advised of the outcome within 5 working days.

Gift Cards, Subscriptions and other products.

All 'products' including gift cards and subscriptions sold are non-refundable for change of mind.  

Gift cards do not expire and subscriptions will be sold with a very clear expiration date.  Refunds will not be issued for subscriptions unused, or partially used at the passing of the expiry date.