Things The Husband has said: The Beauty Edition.

Posted on July 07, 2016 by Natalie _ | 2 comments

Coming up with blog topics is hard.  I look around at my life and I think, 'can I write about that?'.  While looking around for things to write about I suddenly remembered.  I have a husband.  Topic solved.

The Husband and I have been together for 6 years.  He says funny things.  I laugh and wonder how I ended up with such a weirdo.  It's how we roll.  But over the last few weeks, instead of laughing, I've been taking notes.  

Here we go.  The Husband talks beauty, part 1.

Nailed it.

[over the phone]

ME: Hey do you have something that will cut wire?

HIM: What kind of wire?

ME: Curtain wire.

HIM: Erm, yeah, my Gerber multi-tool is in my room, it's got a wire cutter in the pliers.  

ME: Ta.

[5 minutes later.  over the phone]

ME:  Can you get that multi-tool in pink?

HIM: You want one? They have a lifetime guarantee.  And a belt pouch.  Hey I know you've said this was a dumb idea before, but, you know how women have those pointy nails?  And I said they should make them into tools, like screwdrivers or spanners and you said they'd break?  What about implants, like Wolverine.

ME: Erm, because that's ugly.

HIM: You could paint them pink.





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July 17, 2016

Oh he’s so creative lol I love it when partners show interest :)


July 09, 2016

After read this article I laughed load.

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