The Ten Worst Christmas Gifts EVER! …Are You Guilty?

Posted on November 16, 2016 by Kellie _ | 4 comments

My friends and I  were talking the other day about how when we were growing up we are taught that no matter what you were given you always had to say 'thank you', smile and act grateful. And sometimes, let's be honest, we have to act awful hard to be grateful, because some gifts truly were bad. Worse than bad. Terrible. Horrific even. Almost unspeakably bad. Almost. Because we then got reminiscing and came up with our top ten worst gifts…the gifts we think should never ever be given at Christmas time. Ever. 

#1 Dust buster.

Hey, Merry Christmas, I’ve noticed your car’s a tip and you clearly don’t believe in vacuuming, you dirty pig. That’s what a person hears when they unwrap a dust buster, or any cleaning implement for that matter, at Christmas.

#2 Ugly Christmas sweater.

There was debate among the beauty crew on this one. I personally have a fascination with ugly Christmas sweaters, but I was the odd one out. Apparently these are not good Christmas gifts. Because you only get to wear them once again, and usually it’s hot on Christmas day so you only end up ponging if you be polite and wear it for the day, or half an hour. (Christmas t-shirts are ok though right? ****Managerial note: No, they’re not. Let it go already.)

#3 Tea towels.

They could have the most beautiful design and be made from the finest cotton, but they’re still tea towels. Unless you can make 100% sure that the person you’re thinking of buying them for is some sort of tea towel fanatic, then just don’t.

#4 Toaster.

For one, it’s an appliance. Appliances should be bought outside of gifting times. For two, it’s something other people might get joy out of. Christmas presents should be for the joy of the giftee only. There shouldn’t be a situation where they’ll have to share it out of obligation rather than choice. This also applies to jugs, saucepans and microwaves. Ironically this does not apply to KitchenAid mixers or fancy coffee not debate why this is, just understand that it is so! 

#5 Deodorant.  

(Note the rictus. No one smiles while applying deo.)

It could cost a bomb, but it usually doesn't and all it says is ‘I think you stink, and I'm not spending more than $5.00 on you!'

#6 Egg timer.

Seriously. Who likes eggs that much? Especially do not gift to a person who does not eat eggs, and why in fact would the thought even cross your mind?

#7 Art.

Taste is a funny old thing. What you think is sublime others will think sucks. Unless you know someone’s artistic tastes through and through, do not buy them art. They’ll just have to store it somewhere and then go through the stress of remembering to put it up when you turn up for a visit.

#8 Souvenirs.

Yes, your trip to Egypt was a once in a lifetime unforgettable experience and you had to bring home a mini-pyramid paperweight. Yes Vegas was a blast and you bought the snow globe to prove it. Great for you. Not so great for others. Keep your tourist souvenirs at your house and out of Christmas gift boxes.

#9 Edible/drinkable gifts you didn’t want.

Imagine opening a box of chocolates to find they’d gone white with age? Or being given a bottle of wine that was so old you may as well been sucking back malt vinegar. Those gifts you were given a couple of years ago but not gotten round to eating and drinking? Those pickled 'Wazoo's from your bad staff Christmas Gift from last year!  Either consume them yourself or chuck them out.

#10 The gift where you get given nothing.

(Goat says, 'you what now?')

This one may be controversial… you know how it’s really nice to give to charity? How it warms your heart and makes you feel like a super good example of a human being. Well, it’s not always a good idea to give that gift of giving to someone else to another human being. Some of us want to unwrap a gift to discover a voucher to our favourite beauty store, not a voucher telling us we’ve just given a goat to a village. If we want to give goats we'll give goats of our own volition. Don't force goat giving on us.

Basically when gifting First and only rule!  – know thy recipient. Do your research. Heck, even ask them. Because a gift loved is a gift appreciated, a gift unloved is a gift unforgotten… and payback can be a you know what…

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December 10, 2016

I did give a friend a souvenir of a crystal violin that I got in Austria but she plays the violin so it was a good choice for her.
Not so good choice was the painted truck tyre plant pots, yes I accepted with a smile on my face but present wise it was crappy considering she knew I was deadly to plants and would never use them. In the end I think I bought dirt to fill them and never got around to putting plants it but the neighbour’s cats like their new dirt box.


November 26, 2016

It’s a fact chocs. gone white it’s just the fat content in them,they have not gone mouldy or to old to eat still edible,just don’t look as you munch!


November 22, 2016

Kellie I think ugly Christmas sweaters are fabulous!!!!


November 21, 2016

to be fair if i got the majority of these i’d be pretty happy hahahahaha the only thing i’d hate is the mouldy food, the souvenirs and now the toaster cos we bought a new one recently (thank you flybuys!) ;-)

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