The Most INSANELY Expensive Beauty Gifts Ever! A candle costs what!!!

Posted on November 15, 2016 by Natalie _ | 2 comments

What did you ask Santa for this year?  Hopefully things off of your want list, rather than your need list.  But still, you probably opted for the the more practical things off of your lust list right?  Hair care products, your favourite skin care. 

But for some, Christmas is the time to go all out - here we give the ultimate wish list.  The 'I don't need it, but now I want it' list.  

So grab a mug of mulled wine and lose yourself in Ultimate Christmas Beauty Envy List.

Luxury Perfume Minis.


These 5ml perfume samples from Bond No.9 Magic In a Jewel Box will set you back a cool $3700.  Well, you wouldn't want to buy the full-size unless you knew you liked them right?!

 Platinum for your face

For just over $2000 you can treat your skin to some platinum loving with La Prarie's Ultimate Platinum Indulgences. Hey, it's cheaper than a ring though so.....! 

 A grown up advent calendar


Like with the colouring books for adults, why should kids get all the fun?  For a cool $500 Estee Lauder's Holiday Countdown Advent Calendar can be yours, and you can have a new mini sample product every day!

A candle that smells like Christmas


With the Diptyque Scented Candle, you'll literally be burning away $450.  But you'll also be high from the smell of silly season, and left with a cool little jar, so totally worth it right? Might take your mind off your sister in law making puppy dog eyes at your mother's new boyfriend!

Enough products to be Naked forever

For a cool $420 you can nab the Urban Decay Naked Vault Vol III and  have everything you need to be completely naked.  And boy oh boy, does it take a lot to be naked these days!


So it's been fun looking at insanely expensive beauty products, but if you're feeling ready to come back to earth, why not check out these even more awesome present ideas.  More awesome why?  Well - you get much, much more than what you pay for to start! So wanna look good in the eyes of the person you love? Well..start here!

  1. NZ Brands 2 - 8 amazing full size NZ Made cruelty free beauty products in this beauty. Even better, it only costs $84.95 and yet contains over $202.00 of amazing products. 
  2. Best of Summer - Our newest box, but guaranteed not to be around for long. This box contains as the name suggests everything you need to start prepping for the hot summer months. Only $98.95  it contains over $230.00 worth of full size beauty products, including a $99.00 in home tooth whitening kit from NZ's leading tooth whitening brand.
  3. Skin to Skin - Our skin is our largest living organ and yet so often we forget what an amazing job it does and we neglect it. This box contains 8 products to ensure your skin gets the attention and TLC it deserves. Costing only $74.95 it contains over $173.00 worth of full size products to pamper yourself with!

 So what are you waiting for? Pick one of these boxes below to give to someone you love this Christmas! 



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April 13, 2017

I had no idea that girls need all this stuff. Thanks for article it is useful, well now i will know what to buy for my girlfriend.


November 22, 2016

Wooohooo I already bought 1 x NZ BRANDS 2 box and 2 x SKIN TO SKIN boxes as gifts. They’re a great selection of products!

I’ve always been curious about the Bond No. 9 perfumes – ridiculously expensive yet not the faintest clue whether it smells nice.

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