I Tried The Five Minute Makeup Challenge – You Won’t Believe The Result!

Posted on July 18, 2016 by Kellie _ | 3 comments

I pride myself on being able to get ready super quickly. Up and out the door in twenty minutes, including a shower, is what I tell myself I’m capable of. The Husband takes longer to get ready than I do, I’m sure of it! Well… I’m not so sure anymore, because I’ve noticed something recently. After putting some toast and milk in front of the blessed child, I head downstairs to put my makeup on before whizzing us out the door, and next thing you know, we’re running late. Because of me. And my makeup routine.

Yep, it turns out my makeup routine, which I don’t think is excessive, is taking far too long. Here’s a breakdown of what I do:


Pop on green concealer to deal to my reddened areas, scars and the odd angry pimple.

Apply foundation or CC cream.



Highlight cheeks (sometimes).



Quick brow swipe.

Lipstick or gloss.

And that’s it. That’s an average day. There’s no major contouring, no eyeliner, no under-eye concealer. And yet it takes me this side of forever to do – and I’m not even a perfectionist. Clearly, after yelping at my darling human that we have to hurry up or we’d be really late for the millionth time in the past few months something had to change. Someone had to change. And that person was me.

 So I looked up the Five Minute Makeup Challenge on YouTube. Watching those makeup maven’s videos left me amazed. Some contoured, did their brows, lined their eyes, and powdered their face on top of all the stuff I was doing – in four minutes. So if they could do it, then surely I could, right? Yeah….

Here’s my before face. Cleansed, toned, serumed, moisturised. Not a scrap of makeup on it.

Now for the record, I didn’t have everything laid out in front of me, because I feel like that would be cheating. This is real life and I’m not the kind of person who prepares things the night before (although perhaps I should be). So for the purpose of doing this challenge for real, I had to dive through my stash as I usually would. But, I did put aside the products I used, and this is what they were:

So with confidence and a dash of nervousness I set the alarm and off I went. Who knew it took to long to buff in foundation after priming and concealing? Maybe it’s because my skin’s not so youthful, maybe my brush needs a clean, but giddy aunt, it took up a good two minutes. Then came a quick wash of bronze and blusher, and I was up to the eyeshadow… with less than a minute on the clock.

I can do this, I told myself as I patted on shadow and buffed out the crease. And then the alarm was going off. Seriously? Is that alarm for real? It was. Here’s the fail photo:No mascara, no lipstick, no brows. What a mess. There was no way I was heading out the door looking like this. So I checked the time and went at it again to see how long my full face took me. I finished the eyeshadow, added a tiny bit of eyeliner, because I was running late anyway, so pffft, why not? Added one coat of mascara, brushed a bit of colour through my brows, then slicked on some lip stain because I was beginning to get embarrassed as to how long this whole situation was taking.

All up the process took ten minutes. That was me being quick. No wonder I’m always running and hollering out the door in the mornings. 

So what did I learn? Those beauty folk who can whack their makeup on in five minutes are legends. I am not a legend. And I’m just going to have to get up fifteen minutes earlier, because there’s no way I’m walking out the house with half an eyelid made up and no mascara on.

Think you could do a five minute makeup challenge? Our beauty boxes have everything you need to give it a go…




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Brain Theos
Brain Theos

August 31, 2016

Oh Ruth, I ve gotten a bit teary and I m not even pregnant yet, so there are no easy It s just my hormones excuses. Well, I ve just finished reading the posts on your new site and think that you are such a brave, brilliant woman. I know that you are nervous about letting us into the little sanctuary of privacy and perhaps, yes too, superstitition that you ve built around yourself these past weeks, but I m so glad that you now feel able.


July 21, 2016

I don’t think I could do it in 5 minutes, the best I’ve managed is 10 minutes, and that’s not using my normal ‘go-to’ products, I switched them up for my easy-to-use products. Good job, you look great! :)


July 19, 2016

Kellie you did a fabulous job! Even if it took 10 minutes, thats quick! Youre right though most people that do this have everything laid out infront of them. You did great :) When I do quick makeups theyre normally 10-15 minutes, primer & bb cream, cream eyeliner pencil on the water line, mascara, eyebrows (so important for me and it takes the most amount of time) contour kit used for contouring & eyeshadow. I bet if you tried this again you could get it down to 5 minutes easy <3

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