5 reasons why Kiwi women are raving about these boxes!

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Beauty Boxes.  They always look so good on the advertisements.  ‘Sign up today and every month we’ll send you 5 deluxe samples’.  ‘For just $35 + shipping you can receive a beauty surprise in your mail box, every month.’

And yet really, beauty boxes, or subscription boxes as you might know them as, tend to do nothing but offer disappointment and frustration.  Disappointing because of the puny samples, the old stock that was last on the shelves seasons ago, the non-branded items with insane suggested RRPs.  Frustrating because, well, have you ever tried to cancel your subscription?  It’s like negotiating your way out of a maize maze!

But in 2016 a company came along that turned the beauty box industry on its head.  Why do people love Best Beauty Box Ever so much?  Well duh, it's the best beauty box.  Ever.  But don't take it from us - here's 5 reasons from real Kiwis who have bought one.

1.  Full Sized Products.

"I used to subscribed to a box which would send out samples and include them in the value of the box.  I don't care if it's a high end product, samples do not have an RRP - they're SAMPLES!  I love that Best Beauty Box Ever only put full sized products in their boxes - it means I can actually use a product for long enough to form an opinion!"  

- Zoe, 25.  Christchurch.

2.  You get to try loads products without spending heaps of cash!

"I've always loved buying and trying beauty products, but since becoming a stay-at-home-mum I've had to curb my spending.  SIGH!  Best Beauty Box Ever allows me to have a special mummy treat...without the mummy guilt!"
- Selina, 34, Auckland.

3.  It gives us rural girls a chance to shop - with FREE courier!

"I live rural which means I do most of my shopping online, but delivery charges mean its only essentials I buy.  Best Beauty Box Ever offer free delivery - even to rural addresses, and its fast and reliable.  I love that I don't have to save my beauty shopping for rare trips to town, I get to try the latest products, without leaving my house!" 
- Ann, 43, Balclutha

4.  They make gifting fool proof!

"These boxes are my go-to gifts.  The products are always top quality, the shades are gorgeous and never tacky, and the packaging is to die for!  The team even hand-write the gift cards, it's just the sweetest, personal touch.  I love that it's a thoughtful gift, but really, it's the easiest too!"

- Lorraine, 52, Rangiora. 

5.  If you like a product you can easily repurchase it!

 "Sub-box addict here!  The worst thing about subscription boxes is when you LOVE a product and go to buy another and you can't find it anywhere.  Old products, brands from the otherside of the world, it's like they want to make me fall in love and then tear out my heart!  Every product in a Best Beauty Box Ever is available to repurchase in NZ - I love that!
- Babs, 32, Auckland.






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