A trip to LA. Lipbalm Anonymous

Posted on July 03, 2016 by Natalie _ | 4 comments

Something happened last night, that never, ever happens.  My husband asked me for something.  Something girly.

"Do you have any cream for these flakey bits?" he queried, pointing to his cheeks. 

"My moisturiser is in the bathroom.  Trilogy."

"I tried that last night, it smells like nannas."  [1.  I knew it! It was not in its usual spot.  2.  It does not smell like nannas.  It smells lovely.]

"There's loads of stuff in the skincare drawer.  Pick one."

"The - "

"The top drawer of the big plastic set."


"Nat...why do you have so many lip creams?"


"You know that gunky stuff that makes your lips soft."

And there, from nowhere, I was confronted with my secret addiction.

I can't stop buying lip balms.  I see them, think 'Oh that's a good price, I better pick one up' and well.

In my defense, the Baby Lips were 86c.  EIGHTY SIX CENTS.  Not even a dollar.  So I picked up a couple.  I did this each time I went in Countdown.  I've given away 8.  Who doesn't love Mango Pie?!

It's not like I don't use lipbalm.  I have 13 on the go.  

Ok. Fine.  My name is Natalie and I'm a lip balm addict.

But seriously, who doesn't love lip balm? From a simple "does what it says on the tin" product, to tinted, scented, even flavoured.  Let's not even go there with novelty ones.  Who doesn't need a Kellogg's flavoured retro-styled lipbalm?  WHO?! 

I think, the thing with lipbalms is, it's just so easy to pick them up.  They're cheap.  It's an easy way to try a new brand.  How wrong can you go with one?  They're rarely a bad buy.

So - any one going to join me in LA?  Or am I on my own? 








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August 13, 2016

Haha Hi Nat the lipbalm addict :) You can never have too many, the strawberry cupcake one sounds like it would smell delicious!


July 06, 2016

Yes I’m a lip balm addict. I’ve got 6 open and only 1 left unopened. I do need to get some more because most of the open ones are nearly finished. I keep 1 lip balm in each of my handbags and 1 in my bedroom and bathroom.


July 04, 2016

Um. First of all – tell me where you got those baby lips for 86c! I would buy them all! I have sometimes have more than one of a variant that I forgotten I had already purchased it! T_T

But I just need them all just in case… who knows when I’ll be in the mood for some coconut & pear variant of lip balm over the strawberry!

I totally agree that they are SO easy to buy! Defintiely gotta have one everywhere – just in case! _


July 04, 2016

Hi there, I’m a lip balm addict. I have 6 open (currently in use) and 4 that are still sealed, plus there’s another one I really want to try … it’s on my shopping list to buy tomorrow. I am trying to curb my addiction and use what I have before I buy any more but I just have to have one in the lounge, one next to my bed, one in my handbag, one in the beach bag, one in hubbies work bag, one in my toiletry bag (for when I travel) and one in my make-up case! There’s nothing worse than having to hunt for a lip balm when my lips feel dry!

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