My First Ball Dress – You’ve Been Warned.

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The year was 1995, I’d finally hit 6th form and that meant one thing – this Cinderella was finally going to the ball. And like 99.9% of the kids I knew at high school it was being done on a budget. Yes, for us folk in the 90s there was none of this spending thousands on going to the ball. Dresses were cheap as chips, hair and makeup was done at home, and only a few would chip in to get a limo, the rest of us were dropped off by the parentals, or would drive ourselves.

They were good times. I faintly recall (because my memory is not like a sieve, but an actual sieve, I’m quite convinced of that) spending a goodly amount of time pouring over dress patterns with my bestie of the time, whose mother had kindly agreed to make both our dresses. Finding the dress, sourcing the material – burgundy non-crushed velvet!!! – and then waiting in anticipation for it to be made. And oh what a job she did, it was perfection. Fitted like a glove. And didn’t I just feel like a princess in my square neckline, bell sleeves and saucy few inches above the knee hemline.

And then there was the hair. Curled, half up, half down. The jewellery – a choker no less, which apparently is in fashion again. And of course the makeup. Weirdly enough, I can’t remember who did my makeup. It may have been me, my mum, someone else. But I do remember the wonderful woman I babysat for coming over and plucking my brows, making those beetles beautiful and making me feel like a right princess in the process.

The night was immense, dancing, yelling over music, sipping fizzy, and eating food – or trying to and failing because bell sleeves have a tendency to make getting hold of food a bit hard. An unforgettable evening, which I can’t get into details of too deeply because of that sieve brain thing… whoops, haha.

Still, I like to think that this photo is proof that you could look fab (remembering it was the 90s....) on a budget and you didn’t need to spend hundreds upon hundreds to create a moment in time that you could look back upon and smile.

So do tell, do you have a picture of your first ball dress? Did you DIY the balls you went to? Aren’t those off to a ball this year lucky that they can affordably DIY their makeup with our amazing Ball Box…



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June 26, 2016

Awww Kellie you look stunning!!! Youre absolutely right, back in the 90s most things were diy at home for the ball, Your hair looks amazing like this <3 I didnt go to the ball when I was a teen as I was in the process of saving for my first mobile phone haha (priorities lol) so I didnt experience the whole ball thing. But I had friends that went, their parents sewed their dresses and they did eachothers hair, makeup was mascara, blush and a glossy lip balm, oh how times how now changed!! xxx

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