The two products you need to get rid of Cradle Cap!

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In 3.5 years of motherhood I have become quite the expert in cradle cap.  My kids have really oily heads.  Even as a 3 year old, Milky gets the occasional patch.

And, as much as I love my babies, I'm not ashamed to say, I detest cradle cap.  It's not the aesthetics, it's just the same as when I'm faced with squeezing a spot.  It quite repulses me.  And the thought of picking, flaking or scraping off my baby's head crust gives me a serious case of the heebies. 

Probably not surprising then that I set about finding the easiest way to get rid of those orange-y crusts and I'm going to show you, using my 7 month old Billy-Bob as model/guinea pig.


A lesson in cradle cap...

Cradle cap is simply an excess of sebum (oil) that forms sticky crusts.  In really severe cases it can be very dry and flakey on the top layers, but it'll still be that sticky crust below. It's harmless, and if it doesn't bother you or bebe then you can just leave it be.  

When babies come out of the womb their skin is all a tither.  They've spent 9 months floating around in fluid, and suddenly they find themselves in air.  Their skin literally dries out.  Add to that the crazy influx of hormones they receive from us during the last leg of pregnancy and the birth, and well, essentially, they're like little greasy teenagers. 

Don't go old school...

No matter what anyone says - do not sit there and flake or pick the cradle cap off.  Your baby's scalp is super sensitive, and you can risk infection.  I've been told awful stories of mums slathering their kids heads in olive oil and scraping the cradle cap off with a credit card.  (A thought that makes me quite literally heave.)

Olive oil seems to be the go-to oil for loosening flakes, but it's really quite a heavy oil, and if you don't manage to wash it all out, it blocks the pores and causes the flakes to stick even more.  

The secret to getting rid...

I've been through many an oil, and the one that consistently removes 99% of cradle cap in one go is...

Rosehip Oil.  YES!  I use Skinfood's Renew Organic Rosehip Oil*.  It's a gorgeous product, the rosehip oil is blended with Sweet Orange Oil.  

I have this kit that I picked up in the half price nursery sale at Farmers for about $7.50.  I use the textured mitt to massage the rosehip oil into Billy-Bob's scalp and leave it for 20 minutes.  When he's in the bath I use the weird orange silicone brush to gently loosen the flakes, before combing the flakes out with the bit that looks like a nit comb.

You don't need the mitt and brush combo though, you can just use a really soft brush, like a soft (new) toothbrush.  And maybe a nit comb to get the flakes out of the hair. (Only comb the hair though - not the scalp!)

As you can see - in under 25 minutes, with no effort, picking or credit cards - cradle cap be gone!  

I've tried many oils over the years, and nothing lifts cradle cap with as much ease as rosehip oil, and the Skinfood blend is the best I've tried yet!


*This is not a sponsored post.  We can only talk about products we have spent our own money on!



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August 22, 2016

I wish I get information before one year when I had my girl. I find it very hard that time to remove cradle cap. Very useful information.


August 21, 2016

Wow, that is an amazing result in such a short space of time. Wish they had this product when I had my babies. At least I know what to recommend now to friends that have babies. Great article and Billy-Bob is growing so quickly xxx

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