Why you need to ditch petroleum jelly NOW - and why your go-to Papaw is no better!

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Ah, petroleum jelly.  Who doesn't have a pottle of it somewhere in their house?  (Or if you grew up like me, a massive tub of it...)

It really is the original must-have multipurpose balm -  we slather it on our lips, our dry skin, our chafing skin.  The uses are just too many fold to list.  From preventing hair colour staining, to easing the rub of a new pair of shoes.  

But, at it's very essence, petroleum jelly is just that.  A petrochemical jelly derived from the oil refining process. It was discovered coating the bottom of oil rigs (nice) and soon after discovery the byproduct became an industry of it's own.  

So what's the deal with petro-chems you may ask?  Well, although considered safe (particularly from the most famous and reputable brand, Vaseline) petroleum jelly has different grades of purity.  Vaseline is highly-refined and triple-purified so no worries there, but there is concern cheaper jellies may not be so carefully processed and therefore will contain carcinogens.  

So, on top of the fact it's made from a non-renewable source and isn't eco friendly, and the fact it could contain some yucky things, it's also just not very nice for your skin.  Oh sure it's an excellent barrier cream, it keeps moisture in and air out.  But it doesn't add moisture.  So when you apply it, your dry, hard skin, feels instantly smooth, but that's where the benefit stops.  By keeping air and moisture out, you're actually drying out your pores.  And blocking them with a water resistant plug.

Here's 5 products* that are better for your skin, than petroleum jelly.  And that also get the job done.

 1.  Nude by Nature Papaw Ointment

So, the first product you'll probably reach for when ditching petro-chems is Lucas' Papaw right?  That iconic red tube.  Yeah.  It contains 96% petroleum jelly.  For real.  This gorgeous alternative to the alternative to petroleum jelly is a must-have for any handbag - use it as you would petroleum jelly, it's particularly lovely on cracked lips and skin.

 2.  Sven's Island Miracle Manuka

This is indeed a miracle in a tin.  Perfect for grazes, scrapes and chafing, this healing balm is an essential when we go out into the great outdoors.

 3.  Badger Cuticle Care.

Do you use petroleum jelly when you're doing nail art?  Ditch it and use some of this shea butter goodness!  A great balm not just for cuticle care, but also soothing on chillblains!

4.  Kiwiherb Calendula Ointment.

I use this for anything baby related, including nappy rash/barrier cream and also for, cough, keeping my brows in place.  The hubby swears by this as a tattoo healer so get rid of the Bepanthen too!

5.  Egyptian Magic


Ok, yes this is pricey.  But it can do all of the things petroleum jelly does, and more.  From reducing recently acquired stretch marks to relieving razor bumps.  It can also apparently help with, skin discolouration, diaper and skin rash; skin fungus, hemorrhoids and athlete's foot. As well as being used as a body moisturiser, hot body massage oil, cuticle oil and hot oil hair masque.

*The Beauty Crew can only recommend products they've personally purchased and used themselves.  I use all of these products at home.  I purchased them with my hard earned money.  Here they are.
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June 10, 2016

Suvana Certified Organic Paw Paw & Honey Balm is another alternative that is Petroleum jelly free and is very similar to Lucas Paw Paw! Also very reasonably priced!


June 10, 2016

Yes I did look on the back of my Lucas Pawpaw Ointment tube and see it has petroleum jelly in it (not surprising given its texture). I might try one of these next.

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