Brow Game Through The Years

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When it comes to eyebrows we probably lean more to getting the best out of them than trying to follow the latest eyebrow trend. Heck for most of us are happy if our eyebrows sort-of match and don't make us look permanently surprised or intrigued. 

But for the brave, eyebrows can be a fashion statement - and as with most things, there's an interesting back catalogue of eyebrow looks through history.

3500BC - 2500BC

Our favourite trendsetters in history the Egyptians made their eyebrows darker, longer and bolder in homage to the God Horus.  (And yes we know, Elizabeth Taylor wasn't actually Cleopatra, but she's fabulous.  End of.)

800BC - 470AD

Whether you were a Greek or a Roman, back when democracies began ladies were considered beautiful by...their unibrow.  Failing that, the bushier the better.

1920s - 1930s

Pluck 'em and shape 'em within an inch of existence seems to have been the motto back then.  Check out Jean Harlow's arches!

1940s - 1950s

Brows during the forties and fifties were natural and less severe, pencilled in lightly for an immaculate look or pencilled in darker for glamour.  The ever beautiful Elizabeth Taylor sported perfection in her brows.


Wax them off and draw them on screamed beauty magazines in the 60s.  Sophia Loren became the grandmaster of natural looking, drawn-on brows, using short, soft strokes.


Like most body hair in the seventies, eyebrows were left au naturale, reflecting both the hippy and feminist movements.


Big and bushy brows were seen on all of the 80s starlets from Brooke Shields to Kelly Mcgillis


Thin and pointy brows were so totally 90s man.  Courtney Cox circa 1995 demonstrates the style well.


Brow Game has never been stronger than it is right now.  For your brows to be in style think bold and thick. 

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