What going cold turkey on Diet Coke is really like.

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Hi.  My name is Natalie and I am a Diet Coke Addict.  Deep down I always suspected I had a problem.  The click, the tsssst, the bubbles.  The immediate relief to whatever I was seeking relief from.  Tired, busy, in need of an energy boost, wanting to relax, in need of refreshment, pushing out a giant headed baby, whatever the situation, that gorgeous silver and red can is the perfect accompaniment.

Yes I know.  Diet Coke is the drink of the Devil.  Satan's refreshment.  The blood of Beelzebub.  I don't care.

Am I drinking it to lose weight? No.  How many do I drink a day?  Too many.  Why don't I drink regular Coke?  I like Diet Coke.  Do I know what's in Diet Coke?  Yes, it's battery acid for my insides.  Oh and FYI it's not sweetened with Aspartame any more.  So there.

Labour One I cried, actual tears, when they took my Diet Coke off of me and insisted I drink clear fluids.  "It is clear, you can see through it moron.  Put it in a glass, look through it and telling me what finger I'm holding up".  Labour Two, I had the wisdom that comes from experience.  I had a can by the side of the pool, one hiding behind the curtains and one stashed in the bathroom, which made that post-birth shower amazing.

I realised I might have a problem on Valentine's Day.  Christchurch shook again and after making sure Milky Chops and Bean were ok, my next thought was; "It's ok, we've just been shopping, I'm stocked up on Diet Coke".

So I decided to give it up.  And a month later, I finally geared myself up to doing so. 

Here's how the first week was:

Image: Friends

Day 1.  What was I worried about?  I don't have a problem.  I'm feeling totally fine.  Although why on earth anyone would buy a bottle of water when they could buy a bottle of Coke is beyond me.  But for the sake of proving I don't have a problem, here, take $3 for something I can get from the tap.

image: Grease

Day 2.  Hmm, I'm feeling a bit flat.  Diet Coke would help.  Nah, I don't have a problem.  If I have a can, does it mean I've got a problem? I mean, there are worse things I could do.  Like crack.  Oh well, copius amounts of tea it is.  Why do I need to pee so much?  

image: Modern Family

Day 3.  I don't know who I hate more.  The person who invented Diet Coke or the person that decided it was bad.  Screw it.  I hate you all.  My head hurts, my eyes won't stay open, I'm peeing like I'm pregnant again and nothing tastes good.  I might just have one can.  Damn it.  I cleared the house.  The Husband asks why I'm crabby.  I can't admit the real reason without looking weak.  So I tell him the answer that scares all men.  Women's problems.  Anything else?!

image: Grey's Anatomy

Day 4.  I have my first pimple in months.  This can't be coincidence.  Diet Coke is the secret to clear skin.  On the other hand, I am less bloated.  I had no idea I was this trim.  Well, not trim, but less rotund shall we say.  Unlike Mount Vesuvius on my forehead.

image: Monster's Inc

Day 5.  Coke Zero, now that's not Diet Coke right?  It still counts?  If I wasn't so tired, I'd hate you all again.  And by tired, I mean I literally cannot keep my eyes open.  Diet Coke must really be a life force.

image: The Walking Dead

Day 6.  Ok, I don't know what's going on.  I haven't fancied a biscuit or chocolate today.  I didn't add sugar to my porridge.  It might be true that diet sodas make you crave sweet things.  I'm also thirsty all the time, like a real thirst.  I'd go outside and drink the rain. I'm drinking heaps more water - so that should help with the spot I suppose.

image: House of Cards

Day 7.  Yeah, ok a week in, I don't feel too bad.  I suppose.  Not going to lie, if I had one can, I'd probably have four.  I don't do moderation when it comes to the things I love.  Do I feel better?  What do you care, at least I'm no longer drinking poison.  You can stop tagging me in that Facebook scaremongering post about diet sodas.  I'm a reformed character.

I'm now 3 weeks free from Diet Coke.  I've lost 5kg without changing anything else.  My skin is clear again, and looks healthier.  My tummy feels less bloated.   I also have an extra $20-30 a week.  Which I'm putting towards a Beauty Box each month.  If you offered me a DC right now, I'm confident I'd say no.*


*Total lie.  I'd sell The Husband for just one can.

BR Natalie's first Beauty Box with her Diet Coke savings is the Incredible Eyes box.



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May 11, 2016

Good job Nat! Going cold turkey and giving up your vice (hardly a vice but can’t think of another word right now) is HARD! It’s like asking a child to give up his/her blanket/cuddly toy.

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