The 6 Breast Questions You Need to Ask Yourself NOW!

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I got my boobies, got my heart, got my soul - Nina Simone

Boobies.  Boobs.  Funbags.  Jubblies.  Knockers.  Chesticles.  The girls. Whatever our names for them, our breasts are as unique as they are beautiful. 

Yes that's right - your breasts are beautiful!  If there's one part of my body I love, it's my boobies - not only do they nurture and nourish my children, they look darn right fierce in the right clothes.  I always have, and always will be a huge fan of boobies. 

It makes me a little sad when women are so hard on their bodies, and boobies seem to be one area destined to cause dis-satisfaction among their owners. Too big.  Too small.  Too saggy.  Too many stretch marks.  Uneven.  Well here's the thing - all of these 'flaws', they are natural. 

The Husband's gem of wisdom for women who don't like their breast is simple; "whatever your boobs look like, at the end of the day, they're boobs.  What's not to like?"

If you're not in love with your breasts chances are it's because you are neglecting them. 

1.  Are you wearing the wrong sized bra?

Probably!  Most women are currently wearing the wrong sized bra and would be shocked to learn they might be out by several sizes.  Here's the top signs you need to go for a fitting:

  • Bulging out of your cups
  • Red marks from your straps, band or underwires
  • Falling out when you bend over, or raise your arms.

2.  Have you been professionally fitted lately?

Probably not!  For some reason women are incredibly shy about getting fitted for a bra.  Is it because you think you should know your size and feel silly having someone else tell you?  Or is it down to embarrassment?  Bra fitters will not only be able to tell you your size, they will be able to help you select bras that suit your individual needs, and adjust them to the optimum fit.  And most bra fitters actually love their job - they're the fairy godmother of boobies and guess what?  They see breasts everyday - you haven't got anything to be self conscious about!

Get measured during and after weight loss, throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period and at least once a year regardless.  Hey if you're in-store anyway, why not just get fitted and buy the right bra?


3.  Are you looking after your bras?

Probably not!  Do not wash bras in the washing machine! This destroys the elastic, moulding and wires and you will have to replace your bras more often.

All you really need to do is hand wash them with gentle washing up liquid. Fabric softener and other washing powders corrode the material and metal. 

Look after your bras and they will look after you!

4.  Are you pregnant or breastfeeding?

Your breasts will grow - do not be fooled.  Get measured in your second trimester, as often as necessary in your third and at least twice post postpartum!

Ditch the underwire (which can lead to plugged ducts and worse, mastitis) and go for comfort. 

5.  Do you look after your breasts as you do your face?

No?  You meanie!  Extend your skincare routine down a few inches.  Cleanse and moisturise your breasts daily, gently exfoliate them a couple of times a week.  Hell you can even use a face mask on them once a week.  (maybe when you're not expecting company anytime soon). 

Zsa Zsa Gabor used to smear old, dark bananas in an old bra as a home made firming remedy - thankfully nowadays there are also lots of products solely aimed at your breast, including firming lotions and masks, without the need for rotten fruit.

Always protect your breasts from the sun, if you're wearing a low cut top, make sure you apply sunscreen as you would to your face.

Gentle daily massage is great for stimulating the lymphatic system and reducing the build up of toxins in the fatty tissues of the breasts.

6.  Are you breast aware?

Just as you shouldn't be ashamed of getting fitted, you absolutely shouldn't shy away from breast health issues.  Check your breasts regularly, have regular screenings and go straight to your doctor if you're worried about anything. 

Check out The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation for all you need to know about breast care.

So - are your breasts your most neglected asset?  Are you as in love with your boobies as Natalie or are you self conscious about them?  
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April 21, 2016

Great article, informative and humorous.


April 18, 2016

I love them now that I have new ones ;)

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