Bras - Essential Tips for Looking After Your Pregnant or Nursing Boobs.

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If you're pregnant or breastfeeding then your boobs are in for a period of many changes.  Will they ever be the same again?  I have no idea, my jubblies are still milk machines.  I do know a thing or two about bras though!

I swear I have bought more bras from mid-pregnancy throughout my nursing period than I have in the rest of my life. 

When I first went shopping for maternity bras I sobbed.  How on earth could something without a wire hold up my E and growing cup size?  I actually committed the ultimate bra sin (blame the hormones) and bought nursing singlets and a couple of nursing bras without trying them on.  Cue 2 days post postpartum a call to The Mummy (now The Nanna) with the request she go and buy me some 3 way stretch crop top/bras to get me through the first weeks. 

Once my milk had settled down I found myself a stockist of gorgeous nursing bras and lingerie and I got professionally fitted and I treated myself.  The change in my mentality was phenomenal - I felt beautiful in my very alien post-preggers body.  And oh my wow - who knew you didn't need scaffolding to hold the jubblies up?  I'm rocking a Dolly Parton F cup cleavage in a non wired bra. 

After 4 straight years of pregnancy/nursing, here are my top tips for maternity bras:

  • Give in to comfort!
  • When you are pregnant your breasts will grow - trust me.  Get measured in your second trimester, as often as necessary in your third and at least twice post postpartum.
  • When pregnant buy a bra with room to grow, buy a bigger back so as your ribs widen you can loosen the back to accommodate. (Or pick up an extender).
  • In your third trimester get a slightly larger cup to allow room to grow.
  • Avoid wires while breastfeeding as these can sit on the milk ducts - plugged ducts are not fun and can lead to breast infections.
  • Go for proper nursing bras, with a flip down cup.  Trying to whack a boob over a standard bra cup is uncomfy and will just ruin the bra after just a month of it.
  • Nursing bras are not cheap (especially for those with bigger boobies) so factor them into your budget, or put some money aside during pregnancy.  A good nursing bra is an essential - not a luxury.
  • Maternity and nursing bras suffer more wear and tear, so you'll need to replace them more often.
  • When you're feeding you'll want at least four.  At least!  You're probably going to want to change them daily, what with day old milk smelling a bit milky, and 2 day old milk smelling, well, off.
Do you have any tips to share for looking after your pregnant or nursing boobs?  Share them below!

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July 11, 2016

I did follow all tip during my pregnancy. I hate how breast size change and you need lots of bra too.. Good tips. After baby born I was used to rub warm almost oil on breast then after I went to shower because breast need some moisturiser too. And that is safe for baby to instead of body butter or lotions.

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