5 simple things you'll NEVER be able to do again once you get falsies

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1.  Itch your face.  You're rocking the new manicure.  Next thing, you cheek itches.  Your eye itches.  Your nose itches.  And however gently you scratch, 1 of 2 things will happen.  You will bleed or your makeup will smudge.  


2.  Type...anything.  Nails on, time to put them to work right? The vibrations.  The missed keys.  The tap tap tap.  Number one tip for typing with erm, tips?  Spell check.


3.  Open seemingly harmless but necessary packs.  Seriously, it's like your falsies go on and your lips need more lip balm than they ever had in their life.  Lip gunk under your nails is so not vogue.  And yes, we could use a lip balm stick, or even EOS, but fiddly lids are the enemy.  See the next point.


4.  Crack open essentials.  Ringpulls.  Puncture packs.  Peel back lids.  Diet coke, Gum and Pringles just became mission impossible.  And a serious hazard - have you ever pinged off an acrylic when opening a can of DC?  Worst pain ever.


5.  Get into your own clothes (let alone someone else's!).   Clothes re now impossible to get in to.  Zips.  Buttons.  Pulling skinny jeans up your legs.  Laddering your tights.  Bugger it, lets go back to the old days and just wear a sheet.

And, after a quick poll of BRHQ - here's some other things you just can't do with falsies on:

- Pinch someone. Seriously it's nigh on impossible.

- Use your touchscreen.

- Put in your contacts.

- Wrap a present.  Or use any kind of tape for anything.

- Hold anything without channeling your inner hand model.  Look at my new feather duster.  I'm really showing you my nails, not looking for a compliment...really!

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