No Way!? Five Crazy Nail Facts you won't believe!

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How much time do you spend thinking about your nails? If you’re anything like me that time doesn’t extend much past the usual musings of ‘oh darn, I broke a nail’ or ‘holy moly, my polish is wrecked, time for a manicure’. Yet nails are super interesting. They grow faster in warmer weather than colder weather. New ridges and spots on them can be a potential heads up if something’s a little off health-wise. Continually biting them can potentially damage your teeth and gums. But what are the five nail facts that had us most amazed? Read on…

1.  Crazy fact number one - nails don’t sweat. I know! Who knew!? Why? Nails don’t    have sweat glands, so if you’re getting all sweaty on a hot day, after a workout, or when you wake up drenched from a nightmare, you can rest assured that at least one part of your body is as cool as a cucumber.

2.  Why is it you can scratch your nails along a piece of wood and not freak yourself out, but the moment you hear nails scratched on a blackboard you're ready to tackle the person doing it? A 2011 study by two musicologists came to the conclusion that it had to do with the shape of our ear canals and the frequency of the sound - which oddly enough isn't high or low, but in the mid-range of 2,000 - 4,000 Hz. Basically our ear canals hear sounds in that range and amplify them. Another part of the study was to let one half of the people participating know what the sounds they were listening to were, the other half had no idea - unsurprisingly, those who knew they were listening to nails on blackboard rated the sound as more horrible than those who didn't. We don't know about you, but it makes us glad for the invention of whiteboards...

3.  Ever wondered why the fingernails on your dominant hand grow faster than those on your less-used hand? Without getting too science-y on it, it's to do with how often you use your hands. So obviously if you're moving your dominant hand allover the place all day everyday it's going to grow faster than the other hand. Makes you wish you were ambidextrous, right!?

4.  Anyone who's ripped their toenail knows that growing it out is a painful process, whereas ripping a fingernail is annoying, but it grows back fast enough - well check this, it turns out that fingernails grow back three to four times faster than toenails! It's like nature knew that we could hide our feet, but not so much our hands.

5.  So who holds the record for the world’s longest fingernails? Would you believe it's a man!? According to Guiness World Records, Shridhar Chillal holds the current record for the world’s longest fingernails on one hand, with the longest being the thumb nail at a whopping 197.8 centimetres long. Now there's some dedication right there.

So there you have it, five crazy nail facts! Plus one more...our "we love nails" beauty box has been rated 5/5 out of everyone who's reviewed it so if you want great nails check it out!



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April 11, 2016

Made my skin crawl at the mere mention of blackboards [shudder]… I also find the sensation of my nails dragging does the same thing though… with or with sound

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