That Moment Your Jaw Drops…

Posted on March 08, 2016 by Kellie _ | 0 comments

The last few months have seen a fair few jaw dropping moments at BRHQ. When Queenie (aka The Boss) said she was going to start doing monthly beauty boxes, the jaws went to the floor. Then were quickly snapped up as we began to grin with excitement.

Then there was the moment she revealed the box design for the NZ Brands box. I mean seriously, have you ever seen a monthly beauty box as beautiful as that? I’ve yet to… in say that I’m pretty sure there are some equally amazing box designs in our future if the sneak peeks I’ve been privy to is anything to go by.

Then there was the contents reveal of what was in the NZ Brands box. So many amazing brands, so many divine products. At this point the bottoms of our chins were getting dirty due to being floor-bound so often.

And then… and THEN… this week the discovery of three brands who will be getting involved in future boxes. Now I can’t say who they are, but all three of them are already well loved by Kiwi women, and their products are truly wonderful. As for what they’re putting forward into the boxes? You guessed it… the jaw was on the floor. Again. At this rate we’re going to need rubber bands encircling our head in order to keep the lower part of our mouths in place!

So do tell… what brands do you think are coming on board? Who would you like to see? Chat away…



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