Curating the NZ Brands box.

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As a child I quite fancied being a curator when I grew up.  

A museum curator that is.  Back when I was a kid the internet literally had a dialing tone, online shopping was never going to take off and "I want to curate a beauty box" was a sentence never spoken.

How the times have changed.  One day the team at BRHQ suddenly found ourselves curating.  So how did we choose the products that were allocated a coveted spot in the inaugural Best Beauty Box Ever?

Well we wanted to include a selection of products that reflect our uniquely diverse country.  We didn't want to stuff the box with boring, run of the mill, safe choices. 

We wanted to include a mix of skincare, body care and cosmetics.  We decided early on we wanted a candle in there and were lucky to get one of NZ's most beloved brands on board.

We wanted to include products from different budgets, we wanted to prove to the naysayers that natural, Kiwi products don't have to cost the earth.  On the flipside we wanted to show that sometimes breaking the bank is the best thing you can do for your skin. 

We wanted to include products that were available in different avenues.  From health shop brands, to products found in boutique stores.  Products that are only available online to brands that can be slipped in the trolley and written off as groceries.

All of the products in the NZ Brands BBBE have three things in common: 

  1. They are Kiwi brands (duh)
  2. They are cruelty free
  3. They have been rated at least 4/5 by real Kiwi women.

Looking at the products in the box, I think we succeeded in representing our beauty industry.  I think we succeeded in showing the benefits of shopping local.  I think we succeeded in proving that little New Zealand really can compete and stand out, in a ridiculously overcrowded and internationally dominated market.

So there you go.  I may not be collating a museum full of priceless antiquities, but having a hand in curating the NZ Brands Best Beauty Box Ever has proven to be an unexpected treasure.  What's not to love about a project that showcases and celebrates New Zealand's amazing brands; and delivers on it's promise to make your day when you receive one?  

Plus, there's less chance of encountering a mummified cat or a jar stuffed with petrified organs.



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