What's in a theme?

Posted on February 03, 2016 by Natalie _ | 0 comments

What's worse than a fancy dress party?  A fancy dress party without a theme.

I mean seriously, when asking someone to not only get out of their relaxy-pants, put on a bra and leave the house after 7pm, but also to don a costume, you need to make it easy.  Don't give us carte blanche on what to turn up dressed as.  The scope is too big and embarrassment in one form or another a guarantee.  Limit the probability of failure by giving us a theme.  A Game of Thrones party.  A 'V' party.  (Vampires, Vikings, Vin Diesel.  Good things come in Vs).  

Well curating a beauty box is a bit like a fancy dress party.  It's really easy to get it wrong unless you're very specific about what's going in it.  

We actually went undercover and signed up to the other subscription boxes available in New Zealand.  And what we found ranged from double-up disappointment to what does a museli bar have to do with beauty?  It seemed what we'd heard was true.  Subscription boxes were simply throwing together whatever products they could get their hands on and flinging them out in boxes and bags, with no thought to the process.   One company promised a mix of skincare and cosmetics.  And the three full sized products were all face masks...really?!

Determined to do better, the Beauty Crew grabbed a calendar and we planned out the year in Best Beauty Box Evers.  Waitangi Day inspired February's NZ Brand box.  May we'll be celebrating and pampering Mamas across the country.  We've curated a special box for Ball Season.   There's even talk about a Get The Look Box for Halloween.   

Just like a fancy dress party, our themes are the core to a good box (and a good time!)  And with no subscriptions here, it's win-win for you.  You choose which themes interest you, and buy only those boxes.

Now if only we could find a way to get those 3 Vs delivered to your door, hey?!

And of course, we're always open to suggestions and ideas, so what themed boxes would you like to see us curate?  



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