It's funny where inspiration comes from..

Posted on January 03, 2016 by Merilyn Havler | 0 comments

It's interesting to see where a simple idea can lead you.

Inspiration is all around us - things that appear in one form can be magically transposed to another, and indeed the extension of our first beauty boxes into what you see here now came simply from a throw away comment by a colleague over a coffee.

When we first decided to expand our beauty box concept and indeed make it live up to the name of the "Best beauty Box Ever"(a tough gig!)  we wanted to have a concept of packaging that for each box that would be different from anything else that was out there. One that would surprise and delight our readers receiving the boxes. So we started searching..

It was a bit like going shopping for a dress actually, often you have in your head what you're wanting, but do you think you can find it when you need it? 

Our team was searching high and low, the office looked like a packaging warehouse...and then...just like that, out of nowhere..there it was.

One of our kids got given a soap making kit for Christmas - and included in the many components were these tiny foldable gift boxes. They measure no more than 5cm across, and you need to assemble each box from a flat cut out - but oh my, each box once assembled turned into a magical gift each representing the type of soap that would be contained inside.

It was tiny, beautiful, scalable and the idea was just right. So there you have it, in 2016 we're going to be getting on our soap box.

So here's some of the soap boxes the shape of the packaging of our beauty boxes have been inspired by. If you're lucky enough to get one when they go on sale, come back and let us know what you think!




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