Want a hint about what's in our very first 2016 Beauty Box?

Posted on December 31, 2015 by Merilyn Havler | 0 comments

Well we can't give it all away - but here's a clue below. We doubt if these will stick around for long so grab one while you can!  What's to resist about a whole box crammed full of gorgeous NZ brands?

All of the products in the NZ box have some sort of connection with NZ. Did you know that Moisture Mist for example is specifically formulated for NZ women and NZ is the only country that it is sold in?

Some brands in the box are made in NZ whilst others are designed and created in NZ with US, the NZ beauty lover in mind.

We think this will be one of our favourite boxes of the year. What do you think? Can you resist?



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