7 Things Most Women Don't Do As Often As They Should - When Did You Last?

Posted on September 12, 2016 by Natalie _ | 3 comments

 Life is busy right?  So it stands to reason there are lots of things we need or want to do that we just don't get round to doing.  We got chatting about these types of things the other day at BRHQ when one of the crew mentioned she'd had her 'lady-W.O.F' and had been told off by her doctor for putting it off for so long. 

"It's just one of those things isn't it?" said Beauty Crew member exclaimed.  "You know, you keep meaning to do it but never get round to it. Like buying knickers."  And thus out of this statement, a pondering blog post was born.

So, come on, when did you last...

...buy knickers

I'm going to make a bit of a sweeping generalisation.  If you live with a partner, husband, wife, lover, whatever, you've probably gone a bit longer than the average single girl when it comes to buying knickers.  

Speaking as a married woman, I can honestly say the last time I bought knickers was when I when I was pregnant and my underwear was riding down and doing my head in.  So I bought some $50 a pair over the bump knickers.  The biggest knickers I've ever seen.   

Prior to my humongous pregnancy pants, the last time I bought knickers was...um, two years ago.

...have a smear test

If you're between 20 and 70 you should be having a cervical screen every three years.  Look, it's not very pleasant - it's very much a 'lay back and think of England' situation.  That being said, it's 5 minutes of flashing your lady area to a trained medical professional every 3 years and it could save your life. So book in.

I had my last smear test a few weeks ago.  While wearing Billy in a woven wrap.  Because sometimes you just got to get the job done.

...have a bra fitting

While we're on the subject of flashing, when did you last get fitted for a bra?  Over 90% of women when fitted find out they've been wearing the wrong size.

You should be getting measured during and after weight loss, throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period and at least once a year regardless.  Hey if you're in-store anyway, why not just get fitted and buy the right bra?

I'm 8 months post partum and still breastfeeding, but I'll get measured next time I'm shopping.  Promise.

...clean your makeup brushes

Ok not to mention the product build up on them, what about the bacteria and icky little bugs that are growing and contaminating your products and then being spread all over your face?

I was my brushes after each use.  But you should at least aim for once a week.

...have a spring-clean

We're talking spring cleaning your makeup, bathroom cabinet or wardrobe.  All three contain items that go out of date, probably sooner than you realise!

I actually went through every cupboard in every room about a month ago.  I'm not weird or anything, I just couldn't sleep!

...change your hairstyle

Anna Wintour may know about clothes, but that lady needs to know how to shake things up a little wither her hair!  I'm pretty good at this one, I know a few hairdressers and changing up my hair has never been something that bothered me.  I just go for it, and wear a hat if it's a fail.

Have you been rocking the same hairstyle for years?  Change it up!  Even something subtle like layering or a fringe can give you a bounce in your step and a new lease of life.

...treat yourself

I am bad at this, I have no issue treating the boys, or The Mummy, or The Husband on a whim, yet every purchase for myself needs justifying.  Items are added to carts and there they sit until they expire.  

Why do I find it easy to justify other people's happiness but my own I struggle with?  I dunno.  But I do know I'm about to hit checkout on the You Won't Believe It's HAIR box.  









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September 15, 2016

I got myself a new haircut almost two weeks ago. My first one in over well over 10 years and it’s awful! She cut it too short, dyed it the colour I said I DIDN’T want, and layered it in a way that makes my fine hair look even more straggly and thin than it already was. I’m looking forward to it growing so I can go somewhere else and hopefully get something that doesn’t make me look like a brassy mess!


September 14, 2016

The last time I purchase knickers was several months ago. Far too long. My make up brushes are screaming out for a clean . I finally got my hair cut last week. I often forget about myself lately never used to.


September 14, 2016

Oh no, it has been so long since I last cleaned my make up brushes. Going to do it now!

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