Winter is Coming...10 ways to fall in love with it!

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Never one to pass up a Game Of Thrones reference, there was but one way to start an article about the impending cold snap.  

Winter is coming.

But instead of lamenting on warm weather passed, or desperately looking into the future hoping to catch a glimpse of the Summer to come, we decided to focus on the things we love about Winter.  Yes.  It's time to stop giving the cold season the cold shoulder and embrace it for all the things that just aren't as cool in Summer.

Winter Boots.

From stylish leathers to funky wellies, from cosy Uggs, to practical snow boots, there's something to be said for footwear that comes right up to your knees.  

Scented Candles.


Ok, so we'll burn scented candles all year round, but there is something pretty special about a scented candle on a cold Winter's night.  For the ultimate cosy night in, the Beauty Crew all agree...Glasshouse Fragrance Tahaa is  the ultimate scent.


Ok, possibly not the most eco-friendly of our Winter loves, but does anything really compare to the warmth of a good fire?  And the smell of log burners outside?  Ahhhhhh for this pom it smells just like Guy Fawkes night.   

Winter Woolies.


Hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, socks, legwarmers, wristwarmers.  Wool is cute, fun and cosy.  And there is no better time to learn to knit, knot, sew than when your spending time indoors on a cold Winter's day.

Going dark with our look

What better time to try a new look than the changing of a season?  Winter is the perfect time to change it up, and go darker with your hair, nails or lips.  Think gothic romance, blood reds, vampy wines and chocolate browns. 

Game of Thrones


Finally, an excuse to stay in!  Oh how we look forward to Monday night for our (oft stressful) visit to Westeros.   Forget club hopping or days spent cheering the kids on outside, you now have the perfect excuse to stay home and do...series after series of fabulous TV. 

Crisp Mornings.

Ok, getting out of bed in the Winter can be difficult.  But is there anything more motivating than a crisp Winter's morn?!

Hot drinks.


Tea, coffee, hot chocolate.  Whatever your poison you have to admit - a hot drink is more satisfying in Winter.  It just is.

The smell.


From petrichor (the smell of rain on the earth) to that crisp morning smell that sort of smells like menthol, to the scent of the evening, log burners blazing and frost creeping in. Winter smells good.  

Comfort Food.


Salads just don't do it in Winter.  Winter is the perfect time for comfort food.  Stew and dumplings. Soup and warm bread. A full roast with all the trimmings. Get in ma belly!

And how could we forget this winter fave---online shopping.  Well, ok, we love it all year round, but mostly in winter when the ony time you have to face the elements is to open the door to the postman!

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June 08, 2016

Winter is my most favorite time of year and I agree with all of these, especially the comfort food part, theres nothing better than having a hot cooked meal on a cold night. Time to stock up on wolly scarfs and boots and embrace this gorgeous crisp weather <3

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