OMG! I Bought a $114 Primer! Was It Worth It?

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I have two YouTube Beauty Guru obsessions. One is Wayne Goss. I think it's fair to say that I love that man. Love his straight up style. Love how quick his vids are. Love love love. The other YouTuber I'm mad for? The incredibly gorgeous and crazy cool makeup fiend, Tati. I love her relaxed, at times quirky, style. I love how long her vids are. I adore her voice. And I hate that she only posts five days a week, which is actually a heck of a lot for a beauty guru, but on those two Tati-free days I feel like something’s missing in my life. Anyway, Tati is a true beauty addict. She buys and tries anything and everything, and a while back she started an WTF post, where she’d buy crazy priced luxury products and see if they were worth the money. There have been some spectacular fails, and they’ve been some amazing successes. One of which was the Guerlain L’Or Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold Make-Up Base. You can view the vid here.

If you watch Tati you know she’s all about things that firm the face, and apparently this could do that. I watched as she applied the gold-flecked primer to half her face, and I swear you could see that side of her face lift as she spoke. She could see it too! It was a miracle, and just like that the ‘need’ seed was planted. For six months I considered buying it. The idea of a firming primer with gold in it just seemed too awesome to not try. But the price! The price!! $114. That’s a lot of money. A lot. That could buy a lot of other primers, but could they firm my face? So of course I caved and bought it. I’m on the slide side to 40 and well, you only live once, and I further justified the purchase by calling it my Mother’s Day gift to myself.

So. Look at it.

It’s beautiful. Truly elegant. And there’s gold in that thar glass bottle. Actual gold. Stop it already.

But does it do anything? First up, here’s my before photo:

Well... one pump saw a light gel with gold sparkles throughout appear onto my fingertip. With slightly shaking hands, I followed the instructions and applied the makeup base from the middle of my face outwards. Then I ignored the ‘apply foundation immediately’ part, because, well, I wanted to see if what happened to Tati would happen to me. I wanted to watch my face tighten, after all, that was the whole reason I bought the primer.

And you know what? Quickly, I felt a tingle. And then a ‘pulling’, as if my skin was shrinking. Immediately I wished I’d put some primer under my chin to deal to the jowls. But then that’d be crazy, there’s no way I’m putting a $100+ primer in areas no one really cares about apart from me.

After a few minutes here’s the after photo:

Holy moly. Is it me or is there a difference? Does my skin look more radiant? Tighter? Youthful even?

And I’ve just realised how red my left eye was. Excuse that, I need to chuck out an eyeliner, which is just not working for me. My eyes are not usually sensitive but the last two days that I’ve used it my eyes have watered and itched and acted like something was in them, and now I look like a blood sucking vampire.

Back to the Guerlain L’Or Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold Make-up Base… it was time to apply my makeup. Well, what can I say? It went on really well. The foundation all but glided on, and the rest of it applied as usual. I was a little nervous at this point because it didn’t feel like my other primers, my usual ones being very slippy slidy silicone-y. Was it any better than the rest of them? Would my makeup fall off my face or patch up? I’m going to make a big call and say it did the job - really well. My skin looked, well, um, radiant. All day. There was a glow going on, and that tight feeling stuck around. I got to the end of the day and I could still see makeup, whereas usually after a few hours it just disappears *poof*.

So my thoughts now that I've used it a few times?

Unfortunately... I’m in love. I adore that primer. I don’t want any other. Just it. Which begs the question, how can I afford makeup and that primer? Wellllll…. Let’s just say a Ball Box, filled with amazing makeup costing just a third of the total RRP will be making its way to my house very soon…




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June 24, 2016

Gosh darn it – I kid you not, I held my breath reading your review and I secretly hoped you’d hate it so I wouldn’t want to try it myself haha. I love that I can see a real glow coming through but beautiful before and after nonetheless. Hmmmm me thinks I need to go and readjust my budget xx


May 24, 2016

Woah Kellie that is awesome! Gorgeous before and after though


May 24, 2016

It’s working well on you. You like it and can see tha diffrence so it is worth it to my opinion.

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