Reusing Brushes and Tools - You won't believe what you can do with them!

Posted on June 08, 2016 by Natalie _ | 1 comment


  • Clean your old mascara wands and use them as spoolley brushes to tame your eyebrows.
  • Use cleaned liquid eyeliner brushes for adding nail art detailing
  • Use old mascara wands for cleaning hard to reach spots.
  • Some say the brush makes the mascara, so clean your favourite brush and use it to use up other mascaras in your stash
  • Use the sponge applicators that come with palettes and eyeshadows for arts and craft.  They're great for applying glitter and sequins to small spaces.
  • Use a clean mascara brush to clean under your nails when giving yourself a manicure.
  • Sponge applicators can be used to get ombre nails - paint the polish on to the sponge in stripes and press to the centre of your nail and roll to the sides.
  • Use makeup brushes to dust your keyboard.




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June 12, 2016

I use sponge applicators for nail art. But I didn’t know that I can use clean mascara wand to fix my brow. Thanks

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