Amazing (and simple) ideas to reuse, repurpose or upcycle your beauty stash!

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Reusing the It's All About You box to hide a bad hair day

I remember Nanna Babs telling me about the war and post-war years, when the economy was stunted and people simply had to make do.  From unraveling too-small sweaters and using the yarn to knit hats or gloves, to reusing the bath water to water the veggie patch, war time households learned the hidden value of many a used-up thing.

Then came years of excess, of wants that became needs.  Houses became full, then over full, and before we knew it, we were running out of room in our landfills.

And as with many things in life, we seem to have come full circle, with more and more people trying to reuse, repurpose or upcycle

Here's some ideas for your beauty stash.

1. Create household storage from lotion bottles.

Make It & Love It blogger Ashley Johnston shared her upcycled lotion bottles on her blog.  This hanging laundry room storage system is simple, eco friendly and pretty darn cute.

2.  De-clutter with body butter.

Wash empty body butter tubs, lip balm tins and use them to store hair pins, pills, cotton buds and whatever other fiddly things you have lying around.

3.  Refill empty containers with homemade makeup.


Like this DIY rainbow highlighter!

4.  Make statement jewellery.

2nd Funniest Thing blogger Marta used a plastic bottle to create this chevron necklace.

5. Reuse net body scrubbers as household cleaning tools. 

They're great for stubborn surface stains and for hard to reach spots.

6. Use glass foundation jars as single stem vases.

7.  Overrun with fancy soaps? 

 Use them to freshen drawers and wardrobes until you're ready to use them.

8.  Check out if your favourite brand has a recycling program. 

Some brands like Lush offer customers a free product in return for xxx amount of empty containers.  More on that here.

9.  Turn a lotion bottle in to a cellphone charging caddy.

Make It & Love It blogger Ashley Johnston has done it again.  No more tripping up over wires while your phone is on charge!

10.  Collect the mirrors from your used compacts to create your own bit of wall art.

11.  Too many nail polishes to use?

Use them to paint bobby pins in the season's must have colours.  Cheap and cheerful!

Are you into upcycling, re-using or repurposing?  Share your ideas and tips with us below!

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July 22, 2016

These are great ideas! I love the one Ashley did with the bottles, so very clever! Speaking of gorgeous Koni I remember when she turned her used candle jars into brush holders, she has a photo of it on her instagram :) I try to re purpose everything, my son gets so excited when I get a Beauty box because we turn them into car washes for his cars, shampoo bottles are used for their bubble bath times and small containers like the Bossy cosmetic ones are great for keeping their arts and crafts in tidy sections in their craft cupboard.

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