The shocking reason behind this daily hair loss!

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That's my hair loss after a shower.  Yes, just one shower.

I have a lob, it's not like I'm sporting a flowing mane.  So why on earth am I losing so much hair every time I wash or brush it?

This is the answer.

Four months ago I had a baby.  And it's now causing that drain-clogging matt of hair you see above.

You know when you read pregnancy sites and they tell you - 'your skin will glow and your hair will be thicker and more lush than ever?'  What they don't tell you is around 3-6 months after the tiny human has exited your body, so will a truckload of hormones.  And with them goes your hair.

Now it's not really as scary as it sounds, your pregnant hair doesn't miraculously change into thick hair - it just stops shedding.  So when you hit the postpartum hair loss phase you're just losing the hair that would have shed if you weren't knocked up.  By the handful.

Why does the happen?

When you're not pregnant, 5 - 15% of your hair is in a 'resting phase'.  This means it's reaching the end of it's life and will be pushed out to be replaced by a new follicle.  These hairs make up the usual daily loss you see in your hair brush, on your clothes or in the shower trap. 

When you're pregnant, less hairs are in the resting phase and more are growing.  This continues until about 3-6 months postpartum, when your estrogen levels drop and a higher percentage of hair enters the resting phase, meaning more hair is being pushed out.

Will I go bald?

I'm not going to sugar coat it. There may be temporary bald patches.  I'm currently sporting a receding hairline on one side.  But it won't be permanent, and for some, you won't even notice them!

Will my hair ever go back to normal?

YES!  By the time your little one reaches their first birthday your hair should be back to it's usual growth pattern and thickness.

What can I do in the meantime?

  • Don't pull your hair in to tight dos.  Use (the horror) scrunchies and no rubber bands.
  • Use thickening products to maximise what you have.
  • Minimise heat styling.
  • Brush hair gently with a tangle teezer, don't yank a brush through it.
  • Changing your parting might help hide any bald patches.
  • Get your hair cut, if only to make it look like there's less in the shower!
  • Buy yourself the Great Ball Season Beauty Box and feel like a new woman.




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August 07, 2016



June 13, 2016

Hy I just wanted to add a tad, hehe I still suffered with a lot of hair loss and my baby was well into her near teens, luckily for me I was blessed with a lot of hair and I mean a mane hehehe but I was also suffering from iron deficiency, not severe, mild but still enough to help that hair fall. I went to my doctors and had a few tests done and my iron levels are back to normal and I have a normal amount of fall now,


May 31, 2016

Thank god you post this article. I was worried about my extremely hair fall. But after read this I am not. Recently I have same problem. My daughter is 10 month old.

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