5 reasons why Kiwi women are raving about these boxes!

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Beauty Boxes.  They always look so good on the advertisements.  ‘Sign up today and every month we’ll send you 5 deluxe samples’.  ‘For just $35 + shipping you can receive a beauty surprise in your mail box, every month.’

And yet really, beauty boxes, or subscription boxes as you might know them as, tend to do nothing but offer disappointment and frustration.  Disappointing because of the puny samples, the old stock that was last on the shelves seasons ago, the non-branded items with insane suggested RRPs.  Frustrating because, well, have you ever tried to cancel your subscription?  It’s like negotiating your way out of a maize maze!

But in 2016 a company came along that turned the beauty box industry on its head.  Why do people love Best Beauty Box Ever so much?  Well duh, it's the best beauty box.  Ever.  But don't take it from us - here's 5 reasons from real Kiwis who have bought one.

1.  Full Sized Products.

"I used to subscribed to a box which would send out samples and include them in the value of the box.  I don't care if it's a high end product, samples do not have an RRP - they're SAMPLES!  I love that Best Beauty Box Ever only put full sized products in their boxes - it means I can actually use a product for long enough to form an opinion!"  

- Zoe, 25.  Christchurch.

2.  You get to try loads products without spending heaps of cash!

"I've always loved buying and trying beauty products, but since becoming a stay-at-home-mum I've had to curb my spending.  SIGH!  Best Beauty Box Ever allows me to have a special mummy treat...without the mummy guilt!"
- Selina, 34, Auckland.

3.  It gives us rural girls a chance to shop - with FREE courier!

"I live rural which means I do most of my shopping online, but delivery charges mean its only essentials I buy.  Best Beauty Box Ever offer free delivery - even to rural addresses, and its fast and reliable.  I love that I don't have to save my beauty shopping for rare trips to town, I get to try the latest products, without leaving my house!" 
- Ann, 43, Balclutha

4.  They make gifting fool proof!

"These boxes are my go-to gifts.  The products are always top quality, the shades are gorgeous and never tacky, and the packaging is to die for!  The team even hand-write the gift cards, it's just the sweetest, personal touch.  I love that it's a thoughtful gift, but really, it's the easiest too!"

- Lorraine, 52, Rangiora. 

5.  If you like a product you can easily repurchase it!

 "Sub-box addict here!  The worst thing about subscription boxes is when you LOVE a product and go to buy another and you can't find it anywhere.  Old products, brands from the otherside of the world, it's like they want to make me fall in love and then tear out my heart!  Every product in a Best Beauty Box Ever is available to repurchase in NZ - I love that!
- Babs, 32, Auckland.





The Ten Worst Christmas Gifts EVER! …Are You Guilty?

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My friends and I  were talking the other day about how when we were growing up we are taught that no matter what you were given you always had to say 'thank you', smile and act grateful. And sometimes, let's be honest, we have to act awful hard to be grateful, because some gifts truly were bad. Worse than bad. Terrible. Horrific even. Almost unspeakably bad. Almost. Because we then got reminiscing and came up with our top ten worst gifts…the gifts we think should never ever be given at Christmas time. Ever. 

#1 Dust buster.

Hey, Merry Christmas, I’ve noticed your car’s a tip and you clearly don’t believe in vacuuming, you dirty pig. That’s what a person hears when they unwrap a dust buster, or any cleaning implement for that matter, at Christmas.

#2 Ugly Christmas sweater.

There was debate among the beauty crew on this one. I personally have a fascination with ugly Christmas sweaters, but I was the odd one out. Apparently these are not good Christmas gifts. Because you only get to wear them once again, and usually it’s hot on Christmas day so you only end up ponging if you be polite and wear it for the day, or half an hour. (Christmas t-shirts are ok though right? ****Managerial note: No, they’re not. Let it go already.)

#3 Tea towels.

They could have the most beautiful design and be made from the finest cotton, but they’re still tea towels. Unless you can make 100% sure that the person you’re thinking of buying them for is some sort of tea towel fanatic, then just don’t.

#4 Toaster.

For one, it’s an appliance. Appliances should be bought outside of gifting times. For two, it’s something other people might get joy out of. Christmas presents should be for the joy of the giftee only. There shouldn’t be a situation where they’ll have to share it out of obligation rather than choice. This also applies to jugs, saucepans and microwaves. Ironically this does not apply to KitchenAid mixers or fancy coffee machines...do not debate why this is, just understand that it is so! 

#5 Deodorant.  

(Note the rictus. No one smiles while applying deo.)

It could cost a bomb, but it usually doesn't and all it says is ‘I think you stink, and I'm not spending more than $5.00 on you!'

#6 Egg timer.

Seriously. Who likes eggs that much? Especially do not gift to a person who does not eat eggs, and why in fact would the thought even cross your mind?

#7 Art.

Taste is a funny old thing. What you think is sublime others will think sucks. Unless you know someone’s artistic tastes through and through, do not buy them art. They’ll just have to store it somewhere and then go through the stress of remembering to put it up when you turn up for a visit.

#8 Souvenirs.

Yes, your trip to Egypt was a once in a lifetime unforgettable experience and you had to bring home a mini-pyramid paperweight. Yes Vegas was a blast and you bought the snow globe to prove it. Great for you. Not so great for others. Keep your tourist souvenirs at your house and out of Christmas gift boxes.

#9 Edible/drinkable gifts you didn’t want.

Imagine opening a box of chocolates to find they’d gone white with age? Or being given a bottle of wine that was so old you may as well been sucking back malt vinegar. Those gifts you were given a couple of years ago but not gotten round to eating and drinking? Those pickled 'Wazoo's from your bad staff Christmas Gift from last year!  Either consume them yourself or chuck them out.

#10 The gift where you get given nothing.

(Goat says, 'you what now?')

This one may be controversial… you know how it’s really nice to give to charity? How it warms your heart and makes you feel like a super good example of a human being. Well, it’s not always a good idea to give that gift of giving to someone else to another human being. Some of us want to unwrap a gift to discover a voucher to our favourite beauty store, not a voucher telling us we’ve just given a goat to a village. If we want to give goats we'll give goats of our own volition. Don't force goat giving on us.

Basically when gifting First and only rule!  – know thy recipient. Do your research. Heck, even ask them. Because a gift loved is a gift appreciated, a gift unloved is a gift unforgotten… and payback can be a you know what…

One gift we’re sure any beauty lover will adore? A Best Beauty Box Ever! Give one of our amazing boxes and you'll know that when they smile and say thank you they'll mean it. And as you generally get 2.3 x the value inside vs what you would have paid for each of the products individually when they add up the cost of what you've spent on them...well you will rocket to the top of the Christmas giving list!

Check out these amazing beauty boxes below and you'll soon see what we mean! 

    1. You won't believe it's Hair Box - Know someone that loves their locks? Then they'll love this box. It contains 9 full size hair care products from top brands, with a combined retail value of $134.00 and yet..it will only cost you $58.95! And it can be customised depending on whether they're a Blonde, Brunette or Redhead!
    2.  It's All About You Box - We'll the name says it all really doesn't it.  This box is a pampering treat box designed to make her smile. This beauty box is crammed with gorgeous beauty products designed to treat and pamper your mum, sister, aunt, nana, teacher, friend who's just had a baby. In fact anyone that deserves a little time to themselves. At only $56.95 this box contains over $160.00 of amazing pampering beauty products.
    3. NZ Brands Beauty Box - NOT to be confused with tacky gift souvenirs the NZ Brands Beauty Box is highly coveted and desirable! Containing only gorgeous full size NZ made products this is the ultimate beauty gift. The NZ Brands Box contains over $202.00 worth of gorgeousness and yet will only cost you $84.95

The 10 worst Company gifts EVER! What your staff really think!

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Unhappy employee with his Christmas gift


How do you rate your company at Christmas?

No matter where we are in our careers, what roles we've held, we've all been employees at least once, probably more.  Which means we've probably received a bad Christmas staff gift, and also for some of us, been responsible for giving them.

So what makes a bad staff gift? Sadly it's not hard to get it wrong - and yet so easy to get it right! Here are out top 10 staff gift mistakes to avoid! And as Sir Richard Branson says 'If you look after your staff, they'll look after your customers!'

  1. Giving the same thing as last year.  I once worked for a company that gave everyone a massive Christmas cake every single year.  This thing was like a 4 kg cake.  I once surveyed my colleagues.  8 of the 19 employees didn't like fruit cake.  2 didn't like marzipan.  11 were single.  All up, 14 of us were left with the world's biggest fruit cake to palm off.  And yet, no one said anything to the powers that be, because, well, you don't want to be rude to the boss right? Or seem ungrateful, but still, for the amount of money they were spending, they may as well be giving something people like.
  2. Giving the same thing to everyone.  You might look at your employees as cogs in a machine, keeping everything ticking.  But they're more like car parts.  All completely different, working together to move your company forward.  We're not saying you need to act as a personal shopper for everyone, but engaging them in the gift by offering a selection of choices will have you talked about in 'glowing best boss' terms!
  3. Giving generic food items. Everyone loves food don't get us wrong, and it's the source of the earth, but before you lob out expensive legs of ham to everyone, pause for thought. Vegetarians? Vegans? And then of course there's the gourmet basket filled with curried sheep's brains, and pickled Wazoo's.  Believe us when we say THESE.WILL.NEVER.GET.EATEN and yet, have cost the earth. If you really want to be practical & helpful in the food area, consider the Supermarket voucher, it may seem a bit impersonal but really,  your employee will be jumping on the inside! 
  4. Giving company branded items.  Where do we even start? 1. Your employees know the company, the advertising is wasted on them.  2. Your employees are not there to provide free advertising by flashing your logo-d 'gift'. This just smacks of 'stingy'  - left, right and centre! Just don't!
  5. Making the card impersonal.  At the very least, cards should be hand written and addressed it to each individual personally.  'Merry Christmas, Sincerely Big Boss Man You've Never Met' is pretty much; 'Minion here is the gift I am expected to give you once a year'.  Even better, thank them for something they, and only they, have brought to the team this year.  Ok we get that if you head up a multi national company with 1000's of people then your appetite for writing them all will probably be ZERO,  but then give the cards to your heads of department leaders and get THEM to write them for their team! 
  6. Taking them out to lunch/dinner.  This one is fraught with danger for both parties and is best avoided. With the best of intentions, you'll end up being found guilty on a number of charges! 1. Venue too posh, staff feel uncomfortable. 2. Venue not posh enough (Scrooge!) 3. Venue too far away (can't drink or $100 to taxi home) 4. Too controlled.. i.e take us out don't let us drink uncontrollably from the top shelf 5. Christ I have to sit next to my boss! ....we could go on, but you get the picture by now..(it's real!) 
  7. Giving money.  The relationship between employer and employee is essentially work in exchange for money.  Money serves no other purpose than a payment for work.  Keep bonuses and gifts separate.  
  8. Ignoring casuals or part timers.  They're a valued part of the team when you need them, right?  Christmas gifts are a token of appreciation, appreciate everyone's contributions, it doesn't have to be much.
  9. Making a charitable donation.  Giving to charity is a great thing.  It really is.  Donating on behalf of someone else, for their Christmas present?  Yeah, it's not so great for the employee.  Plus, there's always the suspicion that nothing has been donated...
  10. Giving nothing at all.  What are we, a character in a Dicken's novel?  Come on Scrooge.  Write it into the years budget and suck it up McDuck, a little bit of thought goes a long way!

To make your staff feel appreciated you don't have to spend a lot, and often as long as some thought has actually BEEN put into it it is the 'thought that counts'.  So if you want to get it right for at least the ladies in your company this year check out these great ideas below! You're guaranteed to get a 'WOW' when it's opened and the title of the "best boss EVER'!

The Most INSANELY Expensive Beauty Gifts Ever! A candle costs what!!!

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What did you ask Santa for this year?  Hopefully things off of your want list, rather than your need list.  But still, you probably opted for the the more practical things off of your lust list right?  Hair care products, your favourite skin care. 

But for some, Christmas is the time to go all out - here we give the ultimate wish list.  The 'I don't need it, but now I want it' list.  

So grab a mug of mulled wine and lose yourself in Ultimate Christmas Beauty Envy List.

Luxury Perfume Minis.


These 5ml perfume samples from Bond No.9 Magic In a Jewel Box will set you back a cool $3700.  Well, you wouldn't want to buy the full-size unless you knew you liked them right?!

 Platinum for your face

For just over $2000 you can treat your skin to some platinum loving with La Prarie's Ultimate Platinum Indulgences. Hey, it's cheaper than a ring though so.....! 

 A grown up advent calendar


Like with the colouring books for adults, why should kids get all the fun?  For a cool $500 Estee Lauder's Holiday Countdown Advent Calendar can be yours, and you can have a new mini sample product every day!

A candle that smells like Christmas


With the Diptyque Scented Candle, you'll literally be burning away $450.  But you'll also be high from the smell of silly season, and left with a cool little jar, so totally worth it right? Might take your mind off your sister in law making puppy dog eyes at your mother's new boyfriend!

Enough products to be Naked forever

For a cool $420 you can nab the Urban Decay Naked Vault Vol III and  have everything you need to be completely naked.  And boy oh boy, does it take a lot to be naked these days!


So it's been fun looking at insanely expensive beauty products, but if you're feeling ready to come back to earth, why not check out these even more awesome present ideas.  More awesome why?  Well - you get much, much more than what you pay for to start! So wanna look good in the eyes of the person you love? Well..start here!

  1. NZ Brands 2 - 8 amazing full size NZ Made cruelty free beauty products in this beauty. Even better, it only costs $84.95 and yet contains over $202.00 of amazing products. 
  2. Best of Summer - Our newest box, but guaranteed not to be around for long. This box contains as the name suggests everything you need to start prepping for the hot summer months. Only $98.95  it contains over $230.00 worth of full size beauty products, including a $99.00 in home tooth whitening kit from NZ's leading tooth whitening brand.
  3. Skin to Skin - Our skin is our largest living organ and yet so often we forget what an amazing job it does and we neglect it. This box contains 8 products to ensure your skin gets the attention and TLC it deserves. Costing only $74.95 it contains over $173.00 worth of full size products to pamper yourself with!

 So what are you waiting for? Pick one of these boxes below to give to someone you love this Christmas! 

Kellie tries the Face Diving trend - does it work? You probably won't believe the results...

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To say I’m enamoured with K-Beauty is an understatement. Not a day goes by that I’m not scouring the interwebs to see what the next big thing is, and if I can get my hands on it, or try it out. So it was with much delight that Vogue magazine ran an article about a K-Beauty trend that I could have a go at from the comfort of my own home without having to go to any great effort. Apparently this trend was actually started by a Japanese beauty blogger, although for the life of Google I can’t find anything saying who the creator of this new trend was. Anyway, it’s called Jamsu, and it’s also called ‘face diving’. Basically what you do is apply your base – primer, foundation, concealer – then smother your face in baby powder, before diving your face into a sinkful of cold water for up to thirty seconds. Once you’ve come up for air you’re meant to pat your skin dry, apply the rest of your makeup, and you’ll go about your day with perfectly matte skin that’ll stick to your face instead of sliding off it.

Riiiiiight. Suuuuuuure.

I don’t know about you but when I read this all I could imagine was me with a face full of paste after dunking my moosh in the water.

Well… there was only one way to find out if my suspicions were correct...

So here you have me with my base face on.

On my face there’s Benefit 'That Gal' Brightening Face Primer, Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream (which for me is way more like a medium coverage foundation), and on top of that is Revlon’s Photoready Eye Primer + Brightener.

Next up I had to pat on the powder 'freely'. I was also to release 'clouds of it into the air'. So I patted it on, and I can certainly say there were clouds involved. This was the result.

Next, it was time to plunge my face into a bowl filled with cold water. I tell you what, if you're ever feeling sluggish. Shove your full face into freezing water and hold your breath for up to thirty seconds. It gets your heart racing. 

After holding my breath for as long as I could - probably for twenty seconds, which confirms my suspicion that a career in free diving is not for me, I released my face from the chilly depths of the water and... well... it was hot cakey mess. Not to be disheartened, and refusing to give up, I patted my face dry, and, well, it was a more even, but still a pasty-coloured cakey mess.

So I gave it a couple of minutes to settle, just in case that's what it needed - but. Yeah. Nah. The photo below makes the result look better than it was. My face felt super smooth, which was nice. And it was definitely matte. But it looked like I had a mask on, or like I had bought powder foundation two shades too light and was determined to use it anyway. 

Face Diving - Fab or Fail?

It gets a big FAIL from me.

So do tell... have you tried Face Diving? Did you do it differently? Did I make a booboo along the way? And would I try it again even if I had? Nah. Life's too short to add another twenty minutes to my already long beauty routine. 


Stop Stressful Moments Ruining Your Day - 6 Essential Tips You DO Have Time For!

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Modernity is a funny thing.  As technology evolves to make even the most simple of everyday tasks easier, we still find ourselves with too few hours in the day.

It doesn't matter if you're a working mama or a student juggling study and work, it's important to take time for yourself and de-stress.  But if you can't find the time for a cup of tea, how can you be expected to find your zen?

And here, grasshopper, is the answer.  Meditation.  On the go.

You don't need to sit cross legged and partake in 20 minutes of humming to meditate. You can meditate anywhere and everywhere, enhancing your calm and making your day much less stressful.

1.  Create a mantra.

We're plagued with negative emotions throughout the day and they can come from nowhere.  For example, you might be grocery shopping and catch an unflattering glimpse in the chiller doors.  All of a sudden in the middle of picking your pesto dip, you're feeling fat, ugly and unworthy of said pesto dip. 

A simple deep breath and a positive statement can nip this negativity in the bud. 

  1. Identify the negative emotion.  Are you feeling self conscious, overwrought, panicked, stressed.  Take a step back and look at what causes you to feel this way. 
  2. Choose a positive 'opposite' and create a mantra.  "I am gorgeous", "I am calm", "I have joy in my life".
  3. When the negative emotion creeps over you, stop, take a deep breath, hold it and exhale.  Say your mantra.  Take a deep breath.  Repeat your mantra.  Take a deep breath.  Get on with your day.

2.  Breathe.

Buddhists believe your life consists of a set number of breaths - so slow down, take deep breaths and just enjoy where you are right now.  You already breathe without thinking, so don't worry about doing it right.  Just breathe deeply and slowly. 

3.  Focus on your feet.

While you're walking to the office, to the bank or the school run, don't just focus on the destination.  Be conscious of each step as you take in your surroundings.  Instead of running through the to-do list, the daily worries ("did I leave my straighteners on?") enjoy the journey - you're not going to get there any more quickly stressing through it and you'll arrive mentally refreshed if you appreciate the small things.

4.  Stop.

Do you eat on the run?  Grab a quick coffee and forget about it until it's cold?  Give yourself permission to stop.  Enjoy your sandwich, focus on the taste, savour each mouthful.  Enjoy your coffee while it's warm, breathe in the aroma.  Taking 5 minutes, even when you don't feel like you have it, is a great way to destress, and return to duty with more vigour than before. 

5.  Use technology to help you. 

If you really can't function without technology, check out some 'mind training' apps to remind you to focus on what's really important.  Headspace is a popular app that teaches you to treat your head right.  Creator and mentor Andy Puddicombe has been described by the New York Times as the Jamie Oliver of meditation.  Or try calming GIFs, like this one.  Calming Squid.

6.  Smile.

Even if you don't feel like it, smile.  Close your eyes, think of something you love, take a deep breath and smile as you exhale.  Feel better?

Lastly, when all else fails, go with The Beatles.

Let it be. 

There are things you cannot change, so why stress about it?  Did someone jump in front of you at the checkouts?  Steal your parking space?  You can't change someone else's actions, but you can control your reaction to it.  Instead of letting anger seep in and affect your mood and snowball your day, just breathe, have faith in karma, and get on with your day.  Your inner peace will thank you for it.

When it comes to water, I need to follow my child's lead.

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This video popped up in my newsfeed last week and it got me to thinking back.

Back to a few years ago when I lead the 4 Week Water Challenge over at Beauty Review.  Along with loads of members from all over the country, I increased my water intake and monitored the changes in my skin, body and mood.  I was really surprised by the results - but of course, life, babies and work has gotten in the way and I've let my water intake slide in favour of Coke Zero and tea.  

As so many parents before me, I'm a little (ok a lot) hypocritical.  At 3.5 years old, Milky Chops drinks nothing but water, and I'm stoked about that.  Me?  I seem to drink everything but.  For those who don't speak in fluid-ounces, this video is based on drinking 3 litres a day.  Right now I drink half that.  Which considering I'm breastfeeding is terrible!  So starting next Monday, I'm going to increase my water.  

It's time to kick start healthy living, starting with something easier than cutting stuff out.  I'm going to add water in.  

Are you in?  Take a selfie before and after the 4 weeks and email me them at beautycrew@beautyreview.co.nz so I can include you in the final results!


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